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Produced by Aaha Tamil and Magizh Mandram and directed by Rafeeq Ismail, ‘Ratha Sakshi’ was released as a direct OTT release on The 9th. The director has shot the story of Jayamohan’s ‘Prisoners’. It is a story that legends like Mani Ratnam and Vetrimaaran wanted to shoot. Let’s take a look at how director Ismail has shot this film.

The film is a period political drama genre. Kanna Ravi plays the role of Appu, who believes in communist ideas. He incites people to think against injustice in the sugarcane forest, which ends in riots; The police are looking for it.

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A separate team is being formed to nab the Naxals. The hero takes refuge elsewhere. There too, he fights for the people who make a living by brewing alcohol. In this case, the hero’s friend dies in the police investigation and Appu kills the officer.

The police task force searches for him and the man takes refuge in the forest. He then surrenders to the police after seeing the misery his actions bring to others. The police finish his story.

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On the one hand, the hero is Ilango Kumaravel in the role of a constable and on the other hand, Ilango Kumaravel is the main character. The character who hesitates to do things that are not fair because of the work he sees.

There are many things in this screenplay like singing the film ‘Cample Police’, the complacency of the higher officials and so on. The situation in which the two main characters meet makes us nervous too. The team has recorded in depth what they have come to say without much budget.

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Cinemapet Rating 3 / 5


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