“Leadership, why are you becoming film critics?” PM’s clear message for these BJP leaders


As you all know that for a long time, the trend of Boycott Bollywood is running very loudly. It has become a topic of discussion everywhere from social media to media corridors. This trend of Boycott has kept Bollywood in awe. The anger of the general public is bursting on Bollywood. By the way, whatever problems the common people have about Bollywood and its films are completely correct. In today’s time, except for a few films, all are serving only garbage.

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PM Modi’s message to the leaders

However, due to the Boycott Bollywood campaign, along with the common people, even the big leaders of the country are leaving their work and washing their hands in this flowing Ganga. That is, he is also seen making controversial statements regarding Bollywood and his films. Due to this, PM Modi has given a strong message to the politicians who have recently turned into Bollywood critics.

In fact, a two-day national executive meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Party was held in Delhi, in which several strategies regarding elections and the country’s politics were discussed. On the last day of this meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given great advice and suggestions to the party leaders. PM Modi said that we work every day and in between some people give statements on some film, after which the whole day goes on in TV and media. This is the reason why he also advised the leaders to avoid such unnecessary statements.

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Many BJP leaders came out against Pathan

What do you think, is this advice of Prime Minister Modi not correct? Is it fair for the country’s politicians to turn into Bollywood critics? The reason behind giving this advice to PM Modi was that in the past few days, some BJP leaders made many such controversial statements about Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ film, which have remained the subject of discussion. Regarding this film, BJP leader Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur had said that saffron color is the pride of our country. This color is also in the national flag. If there is an attempt to insult the saffron colour, no one will be spared. We do not give a befitting reply to the person who does this, but have the courage to hand him over. We sannyasins will also not back down from this. Is it appropriate for a leader of a political party to make such statements?

Apart from this, Madhya Pradesh’s BJP leader Uma Bharti also said about this film that if there is so much hatred towards Shahrukh Khan, only Shahrukh is responsible for it. I don’t even like to mention his name. Not only this, Madhya Pradesh’s Home Minister Narottam Mishra had also given his special opinion about Pathan. He had said that the clothes worn by Deepika Padukone in Pathan’s song are quite objectionable. Seeing this, it is clearly visible that this song has been filmed with a corrupt mindset. Earlier, Narottam Mishra had also made statements on Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha and Akshay Kumar’s Ram Sethu. Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised the leaders to avoid making statements about Bollywood in hidden words without naming any leader. At the same time, instead of making statements related to Bollywood, the leaders were asked to focus on their respective works.

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There is freedom of expression in the country. Every person can express his opinion on whatever issue he wants. But his words must be factual, right? It is not that the campaign being run regarding Boycott Bollywood is wrong. But if seen, this campaign is going in the wrong direction. You must have heard the saying that ‘the weevil also grinds along with the wheat’. The same is happening with Bollywood right now. Because of this trade, some good films seem to be getting beaten up.

Our aim with the Boycott Bollywood campaign is not to destroy the Hindi film industry. Our aim is to remove Urdu from Hindi films, our aim is to stop showing wrong history in Hindi films, our aim is to eliminate leftist gang agenda from Hindi film industry, our aim is to purify Hindi film industry etc. The Boycott Bollywood campaign is not just for trolling, isn’t it? The politicians of the country should also understand the same thing and it should be conveyed to the common people as well, instead of becoming self-confessed about Bollywood.

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