Letters: Stop the scare techniques in regards to the IRS, Sen. Scott. Your rhetoric is harmful


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As an IRS worker in Miami, I applaud the Aug. 26 editorial, “IRS isn’t hiring 87,000 agents willing ‘to kill’ fellow Americans. Stop trying to scare us, senator.” The Editorial Board is appropriate to name out Sen. Rick Scott for his fear-mongering.

As president of the native National Treasury Employees Union, I signify nearly 170 IRS staff who’ve struggled with a decade of funds cuts and staffing losses. The $80 billion the IRS will obtain over 10 years below the Inflation Reduction Act is sorely wanted to interchange retiring staff, enhance taxpayer providers and improve 60-year-old expertise; it doesn’t create a super-army of armed brokers.

People don’t like paying taxes, we all know that, however that’s how our nation funds its troops and important authorities providers. Scott makes use of inflammatory language that preys on taxpayers’ fears and places our staff in danger. IRS staff uphold the tax legal guidelines Congress places in place. Our job is to assist taxpayers adjust to these legal guidelines.

Scott ought to tone down the damaging rhetoric and help IRS staff right here and throughout our state.

Jorge Luciano,

West Kendall

Student loans

I borrowed all of my faculty tuition, and each month after commencement I despatched a examine to my lenders.

I attended a neighborhood faculty for 2 years and graduated from a state faculty. I had a part-time, then full-time job whereas attending faculty.

I’m not alone in how I financed my schooling. Many 1000’s, possibly even tens of millions of my technology did the identical. We attended reasonably priced colleges, borrowed responsibly and paid again our debt on time.

I don’t agree that so many who appear to have borrowed irresponsibly to attend costly personal colleges ought to be let off the hook. What’s extra, President Biden touts how these debtors will now have additional funds to purchase properties, vehicles and assist the financial system.

Shouldn’t assist to repay a university mortgage be despatched on to the lenders to scale back that mortgage?

Otherwise, it’s free money to deadbeats whereas their faculty loans stay as a lot a burden as earlier than.

Jay Arnold,

Coral Gables

Shining by way of

The Aug. 26 Open Mic letter “Applause for Israel’s Gaza bombardment undeserved” offered a Palestinian model of the large lie about Israel. From the day Israel was established, its neighbors have tried to destroy it. The solely cause for any bombing by this tiny nation is to cease Palestinians’ indiscriminate rocket assaults on Israeli residents. Great pains are taken to make use of precision munitions.

As to apartheid, few nations are as inclusive. Most current statistics present the minority inhabitants at 25%, together with 21% Israeli-Arab, all with full citizenship rights.

Rather than condemn this nation of 10 million, surrounded by a whole bunch of tens of millions of enemies, marvel at this gem within the Middle East.

Peter S. Schwedock,


Loan forgiveness

The GOP’s pearl-clutching over the ethical hazard of student-loan forgiveness charges three Pinocchios. Seeing the GOP complain about blue-collar taxpayers shouldering the burden for wealthy faculty youngsters is actually cringe-worthy.

Democrats ought to name their bluff and suggest a refundable tax credit score for these employees, paid for by growing the highest marginal charge. Watch the hypocrites squirm.

Steven M. Urdegar,


Pat on the again

Now that President Biden has proposed a discount in pupil mortgage applications, whom do Republican college students thank, or will Republican politicians take credit score for that, too?

Bill Silver,

Coral Gables

Make a listing

In the Aug. 24 letter “Demings’ ads,” the author asks, “What has she done for her constituents lately and what would she bring to the table if elected to replace [Sen. Marco] Rubio?”

The query is legitimate, however ask the identical of Rubio.

He’s been within the Senate for 10 years and voted “Yes” on something the Republican president supported and “No” on something a Democratic president supported. He was an essential proponent of the so-called Gang of 8 immigration invoice, which handed the Senate however expired with out being enacted.

Rep. Val Demings has been a politician for 4 years. Like Rubio, she has not authored any vital laws and she or he votes along with her political celebration.

The reader ought to make a listing of the 5 most essential points that legislatures can successfully change (excluding inflation) and examine each candidates’ positions on these earlier than voting.

Marie Peterson,


Weak hyperlink

The Aug. 26 story “California’s Newsom donates $100,000 to Crist’s campaign,” parrots a suggestion by Republican flack Bill Whalen that “candidates [like Charlie Crist] may not want to be linked to Newsom and California, where far-left policies and the state’s high taxes, home and gas prices, rampant homelessness and other problems could potentially alienate undecided voters.”

California has a imply family revenue of $106,916 in comparison with $80,286 in Florida. As for Whalen, he’s related to the Hoover Institution, named for the Republican president whose financial insurance policies began the Great Depression.

James L. Wilson,


Trial by fireplace

Gov. Ron DeSantis and anybody else who would deny the fitting of a 10-year-old lady or a 65-year-old lady with an undesirable being pregnant to have an abortion ought to learn the First Amendment of our Constitution, then justify their denial or authorized reasoning — with out citing the Ten Commandments.

Are we now residing within the age of a Conservative Inquisition?

Howard Golden,


Mic drop?

Gov. DeSantis’ announcement of the arrests for voter fraud final week had the worst audio within the historical past of broadcasting. Apollo moon missions had been extra intelligible.

How can I’ve any confidence in him as a frontrunner when he can’t even rent somebody to do a correct mic examine?

Erik Miller,


Power off

The Herald did a bang-up job on the Aug. 26 front-page story “‘Our plan might have paid off’: How FPL dollars secretly funded a spoiler vs. Levine Cava.” The massive shock: Our energy utility funded it. What a stunning revelation.

FPL ought to deal with power and repair to its clients and get out of politics; it has develop into a sleazy stain on our neighborhood.

Nancy Lee,


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