Lizzo claps again at Kanye West whereas questioning whom to marry to shift to Toronto


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The artist at the moment often called Ye and previously often called Kanye West, contemporary off his ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt controversy, is again within the news after pop singer Lizzo seemingly responded to his current feedback about her weight.

Recently, Ye appeared on Fox News, and in one of many many weird moments in his interview, talked about how “demonic” selling physique positivity is and claimed that bots might be attacking Lizzo for shedding weight.

Lizzo was acting at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena for a cease on “The Special Tour” when she not directly addressed his feedback in a method solely she may.

“I feel like everybody in America got my motherfucking name in their motherfucking mouth for no motherfucking reason. I’m minding my fat Black beautiful business.”

She then requested if she ought to keep within the metropolis as an alternative, inquiring “Who can I marry for that dual citizenship?”

In his tirade, West had talked “Good as Hell” singer by revealing he and Lizzo share a coach.

“When Lizzo loses 10 pounds and announces it, the bots … on Instagram, they attack her for losing weight, because the media wants to put out a perception that being overweight is the new goal, when it’s actually unhealthy. Let’s get aside from the fact whether it’s fashion and Vogue, which it’s not, or if someone thinks it’s attractive, to each his own. It’s actually clinically unhealthy. For people to promote that, it’s demonic.”

Carlson, maybe realizing he has gold on his arms, prompted Ye much more, asking why he thinks folks would “promote unhealthiness.” Ye responded that “it’s a genocide of the Black race” and added that “they want to kill us any way they can.”

Lizzo went for the same strategy when Aries Spears commented on her weight earlier, opting to take the upper highway as an alternative of indulging in pointless drama.


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