Local artist main Pilsen’s mural historical past strolling tour this weekend

CHICAGO (CBS)– This weekend, Chicagoans could have the chance to be taught concerning the Pilsen’s distinct mural historical past by means of a strolling tour hosted by the Chicago Humanities Festival. 

The artist main that tour is Sam Kirk, a multidisciplinary artist who’s created almost 50 murals in Chicago, a lot of them in Pilsen. 

As a queer, biracial Chicagoan, a lot of her work is private. She shares her ardour for sparking dialog and telling tales by means of public artwork. 


“I grew up seeing different tags and murals throughout the city and was always fascinated with the cultural aspect of that,” Kirk stated. “I painted my first mural in 2010 and really enjoyed the community interaction and how folks on the street would come up to me and talk about the piece and ask questions.”

Kirk’s stated the artwork is celebratory with underlying themes about segregation and human rights. One of the items focuses on youth homeliness. 

“And then there’s a mural on 18th Street and Ashland Ashland, which is a complete tribute to the LGBTQ community and that was the most recent piece that I painted in Pilsen and that was a big one for me,” Kirk stated. 

Kirk stated the items have ties to private experiences with hate crimes. 

“There’s memories that are tied to those experiences that I can’t erase, every time I walk down certain streets in Pilsen, that’s what comes to come to mind, so when I put up that mural I was nervous, I was curious to see if it would be vandalized,” Kirk stated. “To my surprise it hasn’t been and we received really strong feedback when we put it up and finished putting it up and it’s the only mural that I know of in Pilsen that solely focused on the LGBTQ community.”

The Pilsen mural tour with Sam Kirk takes place this Sunday at 1 p.m. as a part of the Chicago Humanities Festival.  

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