LoH: Trails from Zero – How to Find (& Beat) The Creepy Sheep (West Crossbell Highway)

Creepy Sheep are enemies that spawn alongside the West Crossbell Highway in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. Trails from Zero is a role-playing recreation developed by Nihon Falcom as a part of the Trails collection. Players who try to finish optionally available duties resembling LoH: Trails from Zero’s Combat Notebook might want to scan each enemy, together with Creepy Sheep, in an effort to obtain the milestone rewards from the sport’s Crossbell Police Department.

Many of the enemies that gamers combat in LoH: Trails from Zero are one-time encounters, that means gamers will discover it difficult to earn the Achievement. In the most recent continuation of the Trails collection, the longest-running JRPG story, some enemies gained’t present on the sector areas. The Creepy Sheep is one such enemy that has an opportunity of being encountered when triggering battles with different enemies.


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How to Find and Beat the Creepy Sheep


Because Creepy Sheep in LoH:Trails from Zero have an opportunity to spawn solely within the firm of Nauseating Tomartians, gamers ought to search these enemies out in the event that they hope to come across a Creepy Sheep. Unfortunately, Nauseating Tomartians are pretty uncommon foes that solely spawn in two locations all through the West Crossbell Highway, particularly on the fourth and fifth screens. Therefore, gamers might want to have interaction a number of cases of the purple variants of the long-awaited Crossbell recreation’s Acerbic Tomartian in battle if they need some Creepy Sheep to spawn alongside them.

While Nauseating Tomartians do spawn on the fourth display screen of West Crossbell Highway in LoH: Trails from Zero, gamers are arguably higher off attempting to find them on the fifth display screen. Players want solely zone between the fourth and fifth screens, then run throughout the bridge to attempt to farm the spawn. Although gamers should get previous a Fanged Wolf to get between the 2 zones, gamers can simply kill it, zone out, and check out once more in the event that they don’t get the Creepy Sheep spawn they need.

When battling a Creepy Sheep in LoH: Trails from Zero, gamers must be cautious as this enemy can deal vital injury and inflict Sleep. Luckily Creepy Sheep should not immune to any parts, so gamers are in a position to make use of any assaults to defeat them. Creepy Sheep will drop U-Material upon their demise, a crafting materials that gamers can use to improve weapons.

In conclusion, Creepy Sheep in LoH: Trails from Zero have a slim likelihood of spawning and solely does so throughout an encounter with Nauseating Tomartians. Players should hunt down different enemies by zoning between West Crossbell Highway’s fourth and fifth screens. While gamers can enhance bonds in LoH: Trails from Zero, they’ll additionally earn an Achievement for scanning each sort of enemy within the recreation, which implies there shall be some enemy farming concerned if gamers need credit score for locating a Creepy Sheep.

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