Lush opens Eco Concept Store in Adelaide


British-based handmade cosmetics label Lush has launched its first concept store in Australia. 

The brand claims its Adelaide store uses “repurposed furniture alongside ethically sourced and durable materials,” adhering to the brand’s motto “Leave the world Lusher than we found it”.

Post-consumer waste from yoghurt pots and plastic packaging is used throughout the store concept, as well as energy-efficient LED lighting. 

“At Lush, we put sustainability and the ethical sourcing of materials at the forefront of not only the ingredients that go into our fresh handmade cosmetics, but also the design and construction of our beautiful and innovative stores,” said Amy Irvin, retail operations manager at Lush.

Along with the Spooky Refreshment Bar and items like the bath bomb, perfume, and shower gel, Lush also stocks its limited-edition Halloween collection at the new store.

In addition, the company encourages customers to return full-sized Lush plastic packaging to their neighbourhood Lush store for recycling as part of their fresh new packaging returns program. Customers will receive a $1 deposit to use toward their Lush basket for each piece of plastic from Lush that is returned.

Lush was established in 1995 with the purpose of offering beauty products that are environmentally friendly. It operates more than 900 stores across 48 markets.


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