Maggi-Colgate These 8 Products We Know Not By Their Real Names But By The Name Of The Brand


Some brands have settled in the hearts and minds of people so much that people do not even know the real name of that brand. In such a situation, today we will tell you about some such company…

There are many such products in India which we do not know by their company name but by their brand name.


Whatever company the packet of noodles belongs to, we call it Maggi. Maggi noodles were launched in India in 1983 by Nestle India Limited. The way Maggi was promoted in India, it became very popular among housewives and children. Irrespective of the company, we all know it by its brand name.


colgate toothpaste

In India now people call any kind of toothpaste as Colgate. Why should the toothpaste be of any company, we call it Colgate only.

3Surf Excel

Surf Excel

4Fair & Lovely

Fair & Lovely

The people of the village call every face cream Fair & Lovely. Even today this cream is so famous that people call every cream Fair & Lovely.





People still call kerosene as kerosene. Let us tell you that in 1854 this name was made as a trademark.



Jacuzzi is not a brand but a company. This brand has become very famous now. It doesn’t need any recognition.



Indians consider Jeep to be a different type of vehicle. Let us tell you that Jeep is an American car manufacturer.

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