Maharashtra Women’s Commission to Respond to Ulfie Javed’s Complaints Takes This Big Step


Mumbai: Actress and model Urfi Javed is always a hot topic on social media. Urfi has been a media sensation lately. She is also known for her quirky fashion sense. Urfi Javed is trolled primarily for his strange clothes and mannerisms.

Read:- Urfi Javed appeared before the police and recorded a statement about BJP leader Chitra Wagh’s complaint.

Because of this, people are always seen saying something about him.In the past, BJP leader Chitra Wagh filed a complaint against Urfi Javed for showing his body on the streets of Mumbai. have filed a claim.

After this, Urfi retaliated against BJP leader Chitra Wagh by filing a complaint with the Maharashtra Women’s Commission.

In connection with the incident, Urfi alleged that BJP leader Chitra Wagh threatened to beat him socially. After this, action was taken by the Maharashtra Women’s Commission on this complaint of Urufi. In fact, a letter was written on behalf of the Maharashtra Women’s Commission to the Mumbai Police Commissioner on this matter. Urfi Javed is asked to make appropriate arrangements for his safety.

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