Maisie Williams Had “Traumatic” Childhood With Her Father


Maisie Williams shares details on “traumatic” childhood with her father.

The 25-year-old Game of Thrones actress sat down for an interview with Steven Bartlett for an episode of his podcast The Diary of a CEO where she shared the troubles she faced as a youngster due to her father’s behaviour.

She told Bartlett, “As a young child before the age of 8, I had a traumatic relationship with my dad … [that relationship] really consumed a lot of my childhood. Ever since I can remember I really struggled with sleeping, and I think a lot of the traumatic things that were happening, I didn’t realise that they were wrong,” Williams continued, “I would look around at other kids and wonder, ‘why don’t they seem to understand this pain or dread or fear? Where does this joy — when does that come for me?’”

Maisie did keep the details of the “traumatic” childhood under wraps but did reveal that a teacher noticed there was something going on at home that was impacting the former child actresses abilities. She explained that her teacher asked if she was hungry and asked whether Williams had eaten breakfast and if she was hungry, and in response Maisie said no she hadn’t eaten because “we just didn’t have any breakfast.”

During the conversation with Steven, she became upset and continued to say, “They were asking the right questions. I had so many people who loved and cared about me so much, but I had never been asked the right questions where I could really say what was wrong.”

The teacher managed to arrange for Williams‘ mother to attend the school with her siblings who were also being impacted by their home life, to which the Pistols star described, “It was really, really hard because I still wanted to fight and say, ‘No! These things aren’t bad! You’re trying to take me away from my dad and that’s wrong!’ Because I was like, indoctrinated in a way.”

Looking back on the family situation, she says it was somewhat of a “cult,” and now she stops taking things personally from what happened in her life, saying, “If I wasn’t there it would’ve been someone else. It’s not because something is wrong with me that these things happened when I was a child.”

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