MakerDAO Co-Founder Found Dead Days After Eerie Tweets


In a shocking turn of events, Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian, the 29-year-old co-founder of MakerDAO has been found dead. His death has shocked the crypto space that has been witness to a series of tweets that Muchgian had made days before his death. The tweets which levied serious accusations against powerful organizations are now being analyzed following his death.

MakerDAO Co-Founder Predicts Death

Now, the tweets from Muchgian didn’t just start a couple of days ago. There were actually spread out over a couple of months. Back in August when the first tweet has been made public, the MakerDAO co-founder had actually alleged that there were people after him. The reasoning behind this was that Muchgian was a threat to a “central banking cartel” which would point toward his work in crypto. This was the first time that Muchgian had referred to the possibility of him being harmed.

Then again in September, the tweets would resume. He had first posted a tweet that seemed like pure gibberish but the follow-up tweet would carry the same tone as his August tweets. Here again, he alludes to the fact that an organization is out to get him, which he identifies as being the CIA. 

Muchgian’s third and final tweet on the issue would actually come just one day before he was found dead. His last tweet carried the most blatant accusations against the CIA and the Mossad. Here, he expressed that he believed that they were about to frame him and “will torture me to death.”

Naturally, his tweets usually flew under the radar but they would begin garnering attention after his body was found on Friday. Now, there are multiple theories in the space on what could’ve actually happened to the founder and if this was really a conspiracy to silence him or if Nicolai was just troubled.

The cause of death for the San Juan resident has been determined to be death by drowning. There have been no reports of foul play, and local media notes that there have been multiple fatalities in Condado beach where Muchgian was found due to the very strong undercurrents.

Muchgian, although lesser known, is often credited as a co-founder of MakerDAO, and his work on a fork of DAI called Rai. The developer also worked on BitShares, where Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said he had first met him. 

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