Marty McFly was an unintentional homosexual icon, in accordance with ‘Back to the Future’ idea

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Back to the Future is probably the best time journey film of all time, in addition to probably the greatest films of all-time typically. But a brand new fan idea has given a complete new perspective on its hero Marty McFly.

We’re almost 40 years on from Back to the Feature’s cinematic debut in 1985, however new revelations (i.e. web hypothesis) have seen the movie now viewable by way of a wholly totally different lens: that the hero is definitely an unintentional homosexual icon after he traveled again to the Nineteen Fifties.

The fan idea was posited by /u/Pasta-hobo on /r/fantheories and has been met with each acclaim and utter disbelief, however one way or the other it’s good nonetheless. The idea espouses that after he traveled to the previous, George and Loraine each assumed Marty was homosexual due to, effectively, a variety of elements. Probably most humorously is as a result of he didn’t wish to have intercourse together with his mom. Oh, and calling George his “dad” a number of instances.

It’s nonetheless insane, although. Commenters have declared it each extremely silly and in addition unusually impressed: for as soon as it’s a fan idea about one thing apart from Marvel or Star Wars! Also right here’s an unholy remark no one must see.

Overall although, there’s a really clear retort to considered one of this idea’s arguments that homosexual folks weren’t recognized of: there’d been public data of homosexual folks since means again into the 1800s. Hell, even throughout the Second World War there was main acknowledgment of homosexual folks current.

It’s a bonkers idea, but it surely now provides a lot to any future rewatch of Back to the Future. Release the “Marty McFly threw the first brick at Stonewall” sequel, now!

The Back to the Future trilogy is on the market to stream on Netflix.

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