McLaughlin: Which Schools Could the Pac-12 Add?

Posted on July 5, 2022

  By Spencer McLaughlin of Locked on Pac-12 for SportsPac12

Pac-12For the time being (meaning, the day this show was recorded) Oregon and Washington have stayed put in the Pac-12 conference—but that could easily change.

The Conference, to avoid its demise, has to be examining what teams could be added that would help convince teams to stay and help give it some semblance of respect. Could any Power 5 schools join the Pac or will the Conference be limited to (likely) Mountain West programs?

On today’s episode of Locked On Pac-12, I look at which schools the Pac-12 could add ahead of 2024 to prevent itself from once again becoming a league of 10 teams.

Prior to the bombshell news about USC/UCLA bolting for the Big Ten, a listener asked a question (now even more relevant) about potential expansion teams for the Pac-12. Could Mountain West teams accomplish what’s needed to keep the conference intact?

Amongst non-power 5 schools in the country, although it’s not in a massive market, Boise St has one of the bigger G5 reputations nationally–making them a potential target.

After losing the SoCal part of the conference, San Diego State could put its hat in the ring and try to make that appeal to Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff.

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