MCU: Every Phase 3 Post-Credit Scene, Ranked


Phase 3 of the MCU pushed the universe past its already spectacular heights to supply a number of record-breaking films and arrange massive components of the much more formidable Phase 4 and past. With Phase 4 now at an finish, it is a very attention-grabbing time to take a look at how the construction of Phase 3 formed what followers skilled up to now few years.

The post-credits scenes in Phase 3 of the MCU ranged from gags that poked enjoyable on the viewers to large teases for initiatives that have been then on the horizon, and nonetheless are in some circumstances. Avengers: Endgamemade the choice to forgo a post-credits scene and finish merely on the sound of steel being struck within the distance, evoking the reminiscence of Tony Stark constructing his armor within the unique MCU film, Iron Man. But even with out one for that film, Phase 3 ended up with 10 post-credits scenes in addition to a number of mid-credits scenes. Some are higher than others although.


10/10 Goose Coughs Up The Tesseract – Captain Marvel

Released between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel had numerous enjoyable toying with followers’ expectations. While the movie’s mid-credits scene truly did present a glimpse on the occasions of the upcoming Endgame, the post-credits scene was as soon as once more a little bit of a troll on the film’s half.

A static shot reveals Nick Fury’s desk earlier than Carol Danvers’ devoted Flerken, Goose, instantly jumps up on it and proceeds to cough up the Tesseract. It’s as strong a gag as any of the others featured in Pase 3’s post-credit scenes, however it lacks the appeal given by the actor’s performances within the others.

9/10 Mordo Attacks Jonathan Pangborn – Doctor Strange

Mordo confronts Pangborn in Doctor Strange

Though a main antagonist of Doctor Strange within the comics, Mordo is not enemies with Stephen Strange throughout his debut MCU outing. They start as buddies and the rift between the characters solely actually solidifies proper on the very finish of the movie.

After having walked out on Strange following the occasions of the film’s finale, Mordo assaults the peaceable Jonathan Pangborn, organising his villainous flip down the street. Fans bought to see a bit extra of this development within the variant of Mordo that Doctor Strange encounters in Multiverse of Madness, however seeing Chiwetel Ejiofor really take his iteration of Mordo to the darkish facet is one thing that also stays a tantalizingly half-fulfilled promise.

8/10 An Ant Plays The Drums – Ant-Man And The Wasp

An ant plays drums in Ant-Man and the Wasp

The tone of the Ant-Man films is without doubt one of the lightest of the MCU’s many intersecting franchises although they nonetheless cope with a few of the MCU’s heavier topics. Ant-Man and the Wasp ends simply as Thanos’ snap wipes out half of the universe, so the mid-credits scene reveals Scott Lang getting caught within the Quantum Realm, organising his look in Avengers: Endgame.

The post-credits scene, due to this fact, has the robust job of offering one other joke to take the film out on that also acknowledges the intense state of affairs that the principle heroes at the moment are in. This quick scene of considered one of Hank Pym’s big ants enjoying Scott’s drum package in his empty home because the emergency broadcast sign blares within the background captures the uncertainty of the second properly, although it is one other gag scene that offers followers no actual details about the way forward for the MCU.

7/10 Peter Parker In His Room – Captain America: Civil War

Peter Parker looks at his gadgets in Captain America Civil War

Captain America: Civil War launched various necessary new characters within the MCU, together with Black Panther and the MCU’s new Spider-Man, with the primary co-production between Sony and Marvel Studios, Spider-Man: Homecoming​​​​​​, slated for the next 12 months.

Following on from the tease of Wakanda proven within the mid-credits scene, the post-credits scene for Civil War reveals a little bit further glimpse of Peter Parker making his basic excuses to Aunt May for his accidents sustained whereas being Spider-Man. It’s not far more than a gag scene that reveals a little bit extra of Tony Stark’s upcoming Spider-suit tech, however the chemistry between Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei makes it a pleasing one nonetheless.

6/10 Bucky Emerges – Black Panther

Bucky in Wakanda in Black Panther

After followers noticed him cryogenically frozen in Wakanda within the mid-credits scene for Civil War, Bucky Barnes was absent from the occasions of the MCU till the post-credits scene for Black Panther, organising his look in Avengers: Infinity War.

The scene is brief and to the purpose however as an alternative of immediately organising a film that was attributable to be launched, this little tease of Bucky is the start of plot threads that prolonged far past the remainder of Phase 3. As he shares the scene with Shuri, it feels far more like a glimpse on the basis for Phase 4 and the longer term, making it a uncommon MCU post-credit scene that is truly gotten higher over time.

5/10 Nick Fury Turns To Dust – Avengers: Infinity War

Nick Fury in Avengers Infinity War

After the devastating defeat suffered by the Avengers on the finish of Infinity War, the film is aware of that followers can be trying to find any faint ray of sunshine within the bleak state of affairs. So when fan-favorite characters Nick Fury and Maria Hill lastly seem within the film solely to be turned to mud moments later, it is one more gut-wrenching second.

As the shot strikes in on the system that Fury drops onto the ground, it retains the viewers’s eyes mounted in hopeful anticipation of some signal of what is going to reverse the darkish predicament. When Captain Marvel’s image flashes onto the display screen on the final second and the music swells earlier than the shot cuts to black, it appears like extra than simply the usual tease for the subsequent MCU film. Even although Captain Marvel herself finally ends up having comparatively little to do with the occasions of the next Avengers film, the prospect of extra heroics but to return is precisely what the MCU’s post-credits scenes are all about, and this one delivers that feeling higher than most.

4/10 A Secret Invasion Tease – Spider-Man: Far From Home

Nick Fury in the post credit scene for Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home marked the tip of Phase 3 of the MCU and whereas the film’s mid-credits scene leads immediately into the start of No Way Home in Phase 4, the post-credits scene seems to be even additional into the longer term to Phase 5. As it reveals that Talos and Soren have been filling in for Nick Fury and Maria Hill whereas the true Fury is off-world, the scene raises questions concerning the plot of the Secret Invasion collection scheduled for 2023.

Considering that the scene reveals that two of the movie’s main supporting characters weren’t who the viewers had assumed they have been, it additionally provides one thing further to the film itself, making future viewings a little bit totally different.

3/10 Captain America’s PSA – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Captain America at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming

The cruelest and funniest joke that the Phase 3 post-credit scenes pulled was ending Spider-Man: Homecoming with a PSA from Captain America on the advantage of endurance, with Cap himself giving up on it attributable to a scarcity of curiosity earlier than he can end his level.

While the Deadpool type of breaking the fourth wall has already been seen within the MCU by She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, neither Sony’s Spider-Man movies nor the MCU have been identified for talking on to the viewers like this. But it is a enjoyable joke that reveals how responsive the MCU is to its followers, and Chris Evans’ quick and candy efficiency makes it a standout second in Phase 3 general.

2/10 The Grandmaster Surrenders – Thor: Ragnarok

Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster at the end of Thor: Ragnarok

Jeff Goldblum was considered one of various standout new comedic additions to the MCU that have been launched in Thor: Ragnarok. So, as the tip of the film and its mid-credits scene lead immediately into the tragic opening of Avengers: Infinity War, reminding the viewers that Goldblum’s Grandmaster continues to be on the market to ship extra laughs down the street was a very good word to finish the movie on.

Aside from Goldblum’s good efficiency, it is also an awesome change of tempo to the depth of the film, which packs in numerous large modifications to Thor and the MCU amongst its motion sequences and the comedic riffing of Taika Waititi’s signature comedy.

1/10 Stan Lee And The Watchers – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Stan Lee with the Watchers in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Out of the flicks within the MCU’s Phase 3, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 had probably the most mid-credit scenes by far. The entire film is one large celebration of the characters and the comics that they arrive from. Stan Lee seems earlier within the film, describing occasions with a gaggle of Watchers in such a manner that makes him seem to be a being much like them who has been observing the MCU in every of his many cameo appearances. This last little gag on the finish of the film sees the Watchers leaving him as he worries about how he’ll get house.

Though Lee would seem in additional Marvel film cameos, this scene is a good last word in his appearances as he tells the Watchers that he has so many extra tales left to inform, which, as melancholic a thought as it could be now, is how most comedian guide followers like to think about Stan Lee.

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