Meet 25,000 rewarded criminals wanted by the police and murder


Greater Noida, January 20 (IANS). Amar Singh s/o Bindu Singh alias Binda is a resident of Hathras district, Thana Hathras Junction, Bidhipur Jalesar Road, wanted for murder, Surajpur, about 100 meters on the road leading from Junpat Golchakkar to Jaitpur. Arrested at the police station. he was arrested.

The accused was shot in the leg in self-defense and retaliatory fire by police. The injured defendant Amar Singh was sent to hospital for first aid. One pistol, one live ammunition, and one hollow ammunition were recovered from the suspect’s possession. The accused, who has a reward of Rs 25,000, was wanted in a 2018 murder case.


They are investigating the suspect’s criminal record.



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