Meet the rising star of the week, Jade Cameron, LSKD


that they’re most proud of and the challenges that they’ve overcome.

This week, we have a chat with Jade Cameron, head of customer support at activewear brand, LKSD.

What was your first job in retail? 

Not my first job but my very first job in retail was at Target! It was in my blood. Two of my Aunties who I am very close with both worked for what was known as ‘Fossy’s’ back then and then Target Country & Target. This is where I started to develop my passion for being customer-focused. But also something not many people know is from this job, I had a sneaky passion and love for merchandising stores! I loved that part of my role and was a part of opening the very first Target in Tamworth NSW where I grew up! 

What are some of the initiatives in your company that you’ve led that you’re most proud of? 

Eeek! A couple come to mind. One of our values at LSKD is 1% Better Every Day! I try to bring this to life as much as I can to have the biggest impact on our customer experience. Smaller projects like implementing our very first ‘Soft Phone’ solution to allow us to work flexibly to not only be available for our customers but offer flexible working conditions for the team. One of the larger projects I took on was our Loyalty & Referrals Program – LSKD ALL-STARS. alongside my eCommerce team and the legends over at Yotpo, we have been able to grow something really cool for our community to be a part of. 

What have been some of the most interesting or surprising observations or insights that you’ve made about customers since Covid hit?

I guess people have been forced to be more digitally engaged across so many aspects of life than they were before. Meaning their confidence with online shopping has grown by not really having any other option. Not only that, people were looking to exercise as a coping mechanism and a way of staying not only physically fit but mentally fit and our Function Sportswear was and is perfect for that. 

Aside from the sales and product of it all, honestly, just the conversations with our community. Take the time to just have a chat when we speak to people who are in lockdown or who are quarantining. It might be just a simple inquiry but just taking the time to ask how they are doing and giving them that space to chat to someone who genuinely cares, it’s really made a difference for a lot of people.

What do you love most about your job?

Easiest question. My team. They are amazing. I have such a passion for leadership which I view as such a privilege. It is a privilege for me to be in a position where I can help my team grow and develop into their next role or next challenge whether that be into leadership, into another team, or even a different business. I want them to know there are no glass ceilings and I do my best to facilitate that. 

Who is your retail hero and why?

In the world of retail and e-commerce, I look up to the founders of Skin Care brand Frank Body! The girls and guys over at Frank have such an epic story on how they started, their business model, and the ‘Risky’ marketing techniques that made them a household name. Aside from that, they are one of the most flawless companies when it comes to tone of voice consistency. I think having a brand identity that speaks the same across all platforms from socials, to email to the website is SO important. I think a lot of businesses can learn from these guys, LSKD included. 

If you could swap jobs with anyone in retail, who would it be and why?

No-one. I’m not done with my role and I’m not ready for my next role. My time will come and I will be a CEO. Watch this space. 

If you could change anything about the retail industry, what would it be? 

If I could change one thing it would be The regulations and rules on sustainability. Any moves towards a greener future. From fast fashion to packaging to Aus Post and our carrier partners finding more sustainable ways to deliver our parcels. Even creating a more environmentally friendly office environment and educating teams on how to reduce their carbon footprint. We all need to do better and be better but we need to have the foundations set to allow us to succeed. 

Why Jade is one to watch in the retail industry

“I have been working with Jade for the past five years across her roles in the travel industry and now in her role as Head of Customer Support at LSKD.

No matter the company she works for, Jade has two things at the centre of her focus. Her people and the customer. She is customer-obsessed. Always inspiring her people and those around her to be focused on the customer experience. She is a passionate customer advocate, always curious and challenging the norms and processes, always looking for a way to be 1% better, showing her customers how she genuinely cares about the experience they have.” 

– Cherie Canning, founder and director, Luminate Leadership.


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