Meet ‘The Runaway,’ Gotham’s Vigilante Protector BEFORE Batman


Warning: This accommodates SPOILERS for Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded CityIt’s all arms on deck for Batman and the Gotham Knights when an investigation right into a mysterious virus-like outbreak uncovers a hyperlink to an analogous epidemic that occurred in Gotham almost 200 years in the past, which was additionally investigated by a masked vigilante prowling town’s shadows.

In Evan Narcisse and Abel’s six-part restricted sequence Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City, Gotham City is overrun by scores of individuals out of the blue overcome with a violent impulse to get what their hearts want from meals to vogue to designer sneakers. Deployed across the metropolis to take care of safety, the Batman Family initially imagine the Scarecrow is behind it, however once they discover he is nonetheless locked up in Arkham they’re pressured to rethink their conclusion. Unbeknownst to them, this isn’t the primary time the sickness has attacked town. Back within the mid-1800s, town suffered an analogous weird outbreak. While there was no Batman nor Gotham Knights at the moment, the thriller was lined by one other crime-fighting vigilante referred to as the Runaway.


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The introduction of the Runaway, a pre-Civil War period, Batman-like protector of an rising Gotham City is prone to catch many followers off guard. This is because of the truth that he is a brand new character launched into Batman canon largely as a “special comics’ vehicle” to hyperlink the sequence to the storyline within the Gotham Knights online game, which begins with the revelation that Batman is useless, and it is as much as the Gotham Knights — Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin to fill the crime-fighting vacuum his absence creates. Practically talking, since that is an space in canon that has not often been explored earlier than, it provides Narcisse and Abel an enormous alternative to “world build” early Gotham historical past, and its connection to the Waynes and finally Batman.

Gotham’s ‘Runaway’ is Still Shrouded in Mystery


Owning to the truth that the sequence simply debuted, not a lot is understood but concerning the Runaway apart from he is a tremendously expert finger, and that at a time when racism continues to be backed by the regulation, he is prepared to combat towards that system. However, in an interview with Screen Rant, Narcisse sketched out what he hopes to perform with Runaway within the Gotham Knights sequence. According to Narcisse, whereas the Runaway and Batman would possibly share the identical final objective of attaining justice, their method is totally completely different. While Batman can harness the wealth, energy, and affect of the Wayne title, the Runaway will not be from town’s elite. Rather he is from the identical class of people that he and Batman usually put in jail. He is aware of them viscerally, whereas Batman solely is aware of them tangentially.

As a outcome, the Runaway’s perspective on crime-fighting will probably be considerably completely different from Batman’s as will the techniques used to realize against the law discount marketing campaign. Not solely will this current an opportunity to supply an alternate instance of crime might be fought in Gotham, but additionally begs the query whether or not Batman‘s cold-hearted “shoot first” philosophy is acceptable, or whether or not Runaways’ kinder, gentler method is the most effective. For the Gotham Knights online game, determining which method is the most effective is perhaps the distinction between profitable and dropping.

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Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City is now accessible from DC Comics.


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