Melbourne cafe Puzzle Coffee makes overseas debut, in Singapore


Melbourne-based Puzzle Coffee has moved abroad, making its Singapore debut.  

Puzzle Coffee is set to open its first cafe in the bustling Ion Orchard Shopping Centre, marking its international debut after opening three stores at home. The brand also plans to add a new store in Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre. 

The cafe design features wooden aesthetic elements. The menu for the Singapore store also includes a selection of pastries produced by Bakery Artisan Original.

The Melbourne-based artisan coffee house is known for serving hot drinks in edible biscuit cups made of oats and grains. It uses coffee sustainably sourced and roasted in-house. 

The company has sustainability at the core of its business.

“Coffee is our life, but we want to help save the planet and create a global Puzzle community while we are at it,” the company says on its website.

“We love our planet and we want to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Our vision is to create a sustainable eco-friendly coffee brand that allows our customers to help save the planet.”

The company donates a tree for every 100 cups of coffee served and every piece of merchandise or bag of beans sold and uses sustainable, compostable, recyclable or eco-friendly packaging.


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