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Technation and Microsoft just lately launched a career-ready internship program known as Explore, which introduced first and second-year faculty and college college students from throughout Canada collectively to take part in a 10-week paid work-integrated experiential studying program at Microsoft’s Canadian headquarters in Toronto. 

Fifty Canadian college students had the chance to achieve technical abilities, together with key certifications in cloud and AI by way of Azure Fundamentals coaching and AI Business School. Students had been additionally in a position to strengthen their skilled abilities by way of mentorship alternatives with Microsoft management, in addition to placing their abilities to work by collaborating on a real-life enterprise problem with friends.

“We came across this idea of bringing 50 students in first year and second year… To get them exposed to technology and get them to ramp up on their technology skills, and understand the different technology platforms,” stated Sumeet Khanna, vp of Business Transformation and Strategic Initiatives at Microsoft Canada. 

According to Khanna, Technation helped Microsoft supply the precise candidates for this system in addition to serving to out with content material for the course. 

“Technation is a great partner; they’ve got access to various relationships with various universities as well…They’ve got some great courses that are specifically targeted for students, like business writing and introduction to project management. So they not only helped to source the content, but also provide some of the content as well,” he added.

The program was made up of scholars pursuing tech or business-related levels. Those who had been chosen for this system first needed to undergo an interview course of with Microsoft. 

The Explore program was divided into three phases:

Academic Certifications and Interactive Discussions: the place college students acquired certifications in Azure Fundamentals, AI Business School, Sustainability and Accessibility. 

Putting Learning into Action: Students took their newfound abilities and utilized them virtually by collaborating in their very own ‘Dragon’s Den’-style competitors. They had an opportunity to collaborate with their friends and apply their learnings to a real-life enterprise problem and current their software/answer to Microsoft’s management staff. 

The third part centered extra on constructing skilled abilities

“I think this program has done wonders to help them [students] ready themselves for the work world and providing them with some key technical skills for jobs. We talked about those professional skills, and really easing into that work environment as well…These are experiences they can take forward to help gain their next internship and then finally their job post-graduation as well,” Khanna stated. 

Ayaan Memon, a 3rd 12 months Business Technology Management pupil at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), stated this system actually helped him broaden his gentle abilities corresponding to networking and collaboration. 

“The hard skills are something you could just learn on your own. You can learn it through uni and you can learn it anywhere, but the soft skills that I was able to learn from such a huge organization, I have no words. It was insane,” Memon stated. 

Memon discovered the chance whereas searching for a Co-Op placement. 

During the 10-week program, he had an opportunity to listen to from full time staff who would assist mentor the scholars whereas additionally answering any questions that they had. 

The Explore program was additionally in a position to supply the scholars referrals to assist them community. 

“Networking is something that is very vague. Everybody says you need to network but honestly, I never understood what that meant. I really learned [during the program] what it meant to network. Like how do I approach someone who’s in the senior leadership team and how do I create a long lasting impression? How do we foster that relationship? How do I continue that relationship throughout? That’s something I learned. And I think I will take that moving forward,” Memon added.

Saadia Shahid, a second 12 months Computer Science pupil at TMU, stated this system helped give her a greater understanding of technical abilities corresponding to cloud computing. 

“I didn’t know so much about Azure, or you know, cloud. It doesn’t make any sense to me. And you know, before going in, I tried to get an idea of what it was gonna be about. I was trying to get my head around it, but I just don’t couldn’t. So definitely a lot more understanding of cloud computing, and all these various services that are offered as part of cloud services and how there are different types of cloud services like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, which is infrastructure as a service,” Shahid stated. 

Shahid added that this program helped her put together for her future by giving her a greater understanding of the business.

“I’m studying computer science, and I want to become a software engineer or software developer. And so I have spoken with people who are in the field currently, and they also work with cloud computing services, and so I think it’s definitely helpful,” she stated. 

Memon echoed this, including that the Explore program gave him a hands-on strategy to expertise and dealing within the tech sector. 

“These are the things that will really benefit me in the future. And again, networking and having those connections for the long run, really will help me in the future.”


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