Modern Family: Alex’s 10 Best And Shadiest Burns, Ranked


Even although Modern Family‘s last episode aired in 2020, Alex Dunphy stays one of the iconic sitcom characters. Her quips at her household’s expense generally go unnoticed or are sometimes misunderstood, however being the sequence’ resident genius means she produced some iconic one-liners over 11 seasons.

Being the neatest member of the family took its toll on Alex at instances, and he or she usually felt completely different from the remainder of her household, however that did not cease her from delivering quick-witted comebacks that made viewers howl.


“I’ve Always Assumed Adoption Or Baby Switch.”

Often feeling just like the outcast in her household, Alex struggled with being the one sibling who did nicely in class in addition to being occupied with science and math. Most of the time, Alex was pushed down the best way she felt, utilizing her witty humor to make issues barely higher.

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When her mom, Claire, is feeling disheartened and uninspired about her upcoming city council debate, Alex provides her reassuring phrases of encouragement. After the pep discuss from Alex, Claire asks “How did you get so smart?” to which Alex replies, “I’ve always assumed adoption or baby switch.”

“When You Say Any Complete Sentence, It’s News.”

When it got here to their sibling relationship, Alex and Haley definitely had their variations. They finally cherished and admired one another, however their polar reverse personalities and pursuits usually made for lots of arguments and back-handed feedback. Both sisters had such differing tutorial ranges that Alex usually poked straightforward, but efficient, jabs at her sister’s stage of mind.

While reassuring Jay that they’d each be staying for your entire night, Hailey claims that Alex’s assertion is irrelevant, as Haley is the extra fashionable of the 2, the actual fact she has no plans for the evening is “news”. In retaliation, Alex claims “When you say any complete sentence it’s news.”

“You’re Really Judging Me Right Now When You Look Like A Hooker At Comic-Con?”

Like the remainder of her household, Alex regularly made some questionable, and even at factors regarding selections. A recurring theme in these selections poor selections was the lads that she dated. One of those ill-fated selections was Reuben, Luke’s good friend and a few years youthful than Alex. Though she obtained criticism for her selections in males, particularly from her mom, Alex was usually in a position to throw shade at her mom in retaliation.

When caught with Reuben, Alex was instantly reprimanded by Claire and reminded of Reuben’s not-so-high social standing, Alex was shortly in a position to level out to Claire that she could not actually say a lot given her selection of outfit.

“Some Day, Your Fans Are Going To Work For My Fans.”

Most of Alex’s finest burns are those to Haley, as she regularly factors out the massive hole of their tutorial capabilities. Though it’s a reoccurring theme within the present, Alex is at all times in a position to say one thing to Haley that takes her older sister aback.

Viewers know that Haley is the preferred woman in class, however Alex makes it identified that she is simply as fashionable inside a pleasant group, the nerds. She is ready to get the toy helicopter again for Luke and Manny with none argument, a lot to Haley’s confusion.

“At Least Luke’s Got Nothing To Worry About.”

Alex academically outshone each her siblings, and it was evident that she was in a position to make some fairly shady remarks about their intelligence fairly effortlessly. Many of those burns went over their heads, and generally weren’t even spoken inside earshot of them, however somebody was at all times round to listen to her clever insults.

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While there’s a reptile on his head, Luke asks “What does it eat?” and in response is informed “Oh, just little boy brains.” Alex was in a position to shortly make a jab at Luke’s lack of smarts with out him understanding.

“That’s What It Should Say On The Van.”

Although at all times well-intentioned in the whole lot he did, Phil usually made errors that many others would discover apparent. Phil’s late realizations and unassuming nature usually gave Alex a window of alternative for shady feedback. Even although Phil didn’t deserve many of the sly quips made at his expense, Alex’s shady remarks in opposition to him made for excellent comedic worth.

Despite Phil being completely unaware, he plastered his household on the facet of a van in a considerably promiscuous method. When Haley protests on the suggestion of getting again within the van despite the fact that she has no different means residence, and states she’s going to “go home with anyone”, Alex chimes in with “That’s what it should say on the van.”

“Good Grades, SAT Scores, Basic verbal Skills: That’s How You Do it.”

Even if the Dunphy household did not at all times get alongside, they had been finally at all times there for one another’s huge moments. Alex is aware of that with out her round, sarcastic feedback will likely be few and much between, all through the sequence she upholds a reliability that she is ready to present viewers with a shady comment or a basic burn.

When testing new faculties, Luke feedback on the truth that Alex will not be round to make remarks about the remainder of the household anymore, and volunteers himself for the position. Alex shortly steps in to inform him precisely the way it’s completed.

“Don’t Make It Too Epic. How Will You Top It Next Year?”

It was well-known between all of the characters in Modern Family that Luke struggled academically, and Alex was not the one member of the family to make feedback on her brother’s lack of achievements in class. Despite her not being the one one to jab at Luke’s intelligence, she was nonetheless one of the best at it.

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Inferring that Luke must keep in highschool one other 12 months, she sarcastically warns him to not make his senior prank too good, so he can nonetheless high it subsequent 12 months.

“This Is Why No One Wants To Code With You, Tina.”

Alex did not dish out her shadiest remarks to her relations, when she reached faculty she was in a position to meet an entire new plethora of individuals to quip at. Even although she ought to have felt at residence surrounded by like-minded people who shared her smarts, Alex nonetheless struggled to slot in at CalTech.

When asking a classmate what their first impressions of her had been, Alex bites again at her classmate when she is informed that she appeared imply.

“You’re A Senior. What Are You Still Doing In Second-Year Math?”

Haley and Alex, although a few years aside, discovered themselves in the identical highschool math class. Due to Haley’s cool woman persona, and her air of recognition, she usually didn’t wish to affiliate with Alex in class, regardless of sharing a category collectively.

As Alex tries arduous and solutions questions in math class, Haley is mortified at having to take care of her sister ruining her picture. In response to Haley’s qualms, Alex merely asks her what she continues to be doing in second 12 months math as a senior, a easy, but efficient burn.

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