Monet Immersive Exhibit in Chicago

The Monet Immersive Exhibit offered many beautiful tableaus. Dinner at La Cite atop Lake Point Tower was a beautiful vantage level to view town of Chicago.

The Germanium Club up north was completely taken over to facilitate the exhibiting of Monet’s impressionistic works. It is a beautiful show space, with the flexibility to buy a glass of Prosecco to hold into the exhibit, however there are a whole lot of stairs. Visitors can lounge on banquettes or sit in just a few folding chairs and there’s a balcony, if you wish to view the artwork work from above.

Following the Exhibit, we walked to the Corcoran Bar & Grill, in honor of my maiden title, and a beautiful younger lass from Galway, Ireland, waited on us.

Then it was residence to the South Loop to look at a movie. We really used my CD assortment and saved the $3.99 rental price on Netflix.





All-in-all, a fantastic night time.

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