Nagel Says Inflation Warrants ECB Determination Beyond October


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The European Central Bank must be resolute in its response to inflation rates that could reach the double digits later this year, according to Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel.

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“If the data trend continues, more interest-rate increases have to follow — that’s already agreed in the Governing Council,” Nagel said Sunday. “We have to be determined, in October and beyond.”

The ECB raised rates by an historic three-quarter point this month and economists predict another such move may follow in October as policy makers confront record inflation. Their job is being complicated by a quickly deteriorating economy and threats of energy rationing this winter. 

Speaking at the German central bank’s open day in Frankfurt, Nagel said momentum will likely slow in the third and fourth quarters but expressed confidence that the economy can avoid a steep slump. His remarks echo comments made Saturday at the same event.


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