Nightcrawler’s Sorceress Mother Is Returning to X-Men Lore


The lengthy, winding historical past of Nightcrawler’s previous could also be coming again to hang-out him, because the heroic X-Men legend struggles in opposition to the “Monsterification” that has just lately troubled him, with a brand new variant cowl for Legion of X #9 teasing the potential return of Nightcrawler’s magical adopted mom, Margali Szardos.

Beginning in Legion of X #7, Nightcrawler has been experiencing a swift devolution right into a monstrous creature, with mutant scientists like Mister Sinister and Doctor Nemesis unable to stem the progressive modifications taking place to the hero. With the terrifying monstrous evolution impacting the traditional X-Men hero Angel as effectively, it’s clear that this spiraling state of affairs goes past Nightcrawler’s management, and simply would possibly contain the highly effective magic of Margali Szardos, a tumultuous character not seen since 2014.


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Margali Szardos debuted in 1980’s X-Men Annual #4, finally established to be the adopted mom of the hero Nightcrawler, who saved him from dying after his organic mom Mystique threw child Kurt off of a waterfall in an try to kill him. Much of Szardos’ previous has but to be revealed, however what is understood is that Margali is an extremely highly effective magician – usually seen with inexperienced pores and skin and ram-like horns sprouting from her head. She is the “Sorceress Supreme” of the Winding Way dimension, which can be the place she derives her energy, though her highly effective magic is commonly in flux. Margali’s magic is so highly effective that she was as soon as capable of wrestle the Eye of Agamotto away from Doctor Strange’s management, making him state that she was at least as highly effective as he was, in addition to hiding the Soulsword inside Nightcrawler’s physique with out his data for years after the dying of Illyana Rasputina. Margali additionally had two organic kids, Stephan and Jimaine, with Stephan being killed by Nightcrawler after he was possessed by an evil energy, and Jimaine taking the title Amanda Sefton, touring to America and becoming a member of the X-Men as “Daytripper” whereas participating in an on-again off-again romantic relationship along with her adopted brother Kurt.

Margali Of The Winding Way May Be Behind Krakoa’s Monster Problem

The beautiful variant cowl for Legion of X #9 – which is written by Si Spurrier with artwork by Netho Diaz and Federico Blee – is illustrated by the proficient fantasy-focused artist Ejiwa Ebenebe, who goes by Edge. Edge’s cowl highlights the demonic look of Margali as she is gleefully greedy the monsterized Nightcrawler in her fist, once more teasing that Szardos could also be one way or the other behind the transformations. Margali Szardos has not been seen since she assaulted the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning within the first arc of 2014’s Nightcrawler Vol. 4, with the highly effective magic person finally being defeated by Amanda and Kurt. Still, she was not killed, that means the Marvel Universe has been due for her return for years now. Margali is an advanced character, usually portrayed as a nuanced villain and manipulative mom obsessive about in search of increasingly more energy inside the magic of the Winding Way, and it could not be stunning in any respect if she had been making an attempt to deprave Nightcrawler and Krakoa’s mutants with monster-transforming magic. Margali Szardos can be related to one of many X-Men’s most reviled retcons of all time, which noticed the demon Azazel established because the lover of each Margali and Szardos, making Nightcrawler the literal son of a demon, as an alternative of only a confused Catholic man with the looks of a demon, and it could be wonderful if this retcon was one way or the other retconned once more.

The teased return of Margali Szardos – manipulative and magical mom of Nightcrawler – just isn’t assured, as comedian covers usually do not instantly hook up with their inner plot, however it could be a real blessing if characters like Szardos and Amanda Sefton had been to return to the X-Men’s new Krakoan Age.

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Legion of X #9 from Marvel Comics debuts on January eleventh, 2023.


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