Pakistan Economic Crisis: No sports event, no concert… still Pakistani stadium full of people, what is the real issue?


Islamabad : In other countries of the world, stadiums are filled with spectators during sports events or concerts. But neither a concert nor a sports event was going on in a stadium filled with 30,000 people in Pakistan. According to a video by Al Jazeera, over 30,000 people gathered at a stadium in Pakistan for a written exam for police recruitment in Islamabad. The examinees sitting in the Pakistani stadium look like a ‘crowd of spectators’. It is obvious that during this time the protocol of the examination would not have been followed. This kind of exam has been conducted in the midst of severe economic recession and unemployment crisis in Pakistan.

According to the news of Al Jazeera, this recruitment exam was being held only for 1167 posts. In the video, which is being shared fast on social media, people are seen smiling and shouting with pen and copy. Citing a February 2022 report by The Express Tribune, news agency ANI reported that according to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, more than 31 percent of the country’s youth are unemployed.

flood increased the difficulties

PIDE also noted that an unexpectedly large proportion of people of working age are not in a job. Most of the unemployed youth have a professional degree, with 51 per cent females and 16 per cent males. According to news agency ANI, about 60 percent of Pakistan’s population is below 30 years. For Pakistan, which is facing challenges on the inflation and economic front, last year’s severe floods had added to the difficulties.

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Imran Khan warned

Pakistan’s foreign exchange fund is continuously decreasing. The country’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned that if the loan is not received from the IMF soon, it may default. He said the country was left with no other option and urgently needed IMF help. Addressing his supporters, Imran slammed the economic policies of the Shahbaz government.


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