Pakistan Missile India: ‘Beggar’ Pakistan is not deterred from messing with India, will test nuclear missile in response to fire


Islamabad: Pakistan, which is begging for dollars by spreading its bag in front of the world, is going to test a long-range deadly nuclear missile between January 5 and 6 in the new year. Pakistan has issued a notice to sailors that it is going to test a long-range missile in the Arabian Sea. Pakistan has declared a no-fly zone in the testing area of ​​the Arabian Sea between January 5 and 6. Nuclear-armed Pakistan is going to conduct this test at a time when India had tested its deadliest ‘China killer’ missile Agni just a few days ago.

The firepower of this missile of Pakistan can be up to 1650 km. Pakistan has issued a notice in the Arabian Sea up to this distance. According to defense experts, this Pakistani missile could be Shaheen or Ababeel missile. Both of them are capable of carrying nuclear bombs. Pakistan has not yet disclosed the name of the missile. Both these Pakistani missiles are capable of targeting any major city in India. The Pakistan Army claims that the maximum firepower of the Ababeel missile is up to 2200 km.
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Know how dangerous is Ababeel missile

According to Pakistani media, the Ababeel missile is capable of carrying multiple nuclear weapons simultaneously. It is said to be a missile equipped with MIRV technology. It is believed that China has given this deadly technology to Pakistan. This missile is said to be able to attack away from the radar’s grip. At the same time, it is claimed about Pakistan’s Shaheen missile that it is capable of striking up to 2750 km. Pakistan claims that this missile can attack India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Pakistan has built the Shaheen missile to gain the power to retaliate. Pakistan is taking this step at a time when its economy is in ruins and is in danger of defaulting like Sri Lanka anytime. Pakistan is selling its embassy building in Washington so that the debt can be repaid by earning money from it. Pakistan is requesting loans from China, Saudi Arabia, IMF.
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Pakistan is spending a lot of money on the army

On the other hand, Bilawal Bhutto has visited western countries twice to collect donations in the name of floods, but he has not got much success so far. While Pakistan’s revenue is continuously decreasing, it has continued to spend on the army. The Shahbaz government of Pakistan spent 517 billion rupees on the army in the first 5 months of the financial year. This expenditure on the army was only 112 billion rupees in the same period in the last financial year.


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