Panchayat for menstruation leave in villages of Haryana


Shama Parveen, a resident of Aligarh, is a teacher in a government school. Like a common teacher, she also has to do all the work which is a part of her job. But she is very uncomfortable for a few days every month. The reason is menstruation or period. In such a situation, one has to suffer mood swings, pain etc. She says that physical problems can be tolerated, but due to the misconceptions related to menstruation, it becomes difficult to move and walk, and all the time it remains in the mind that something should not happen, due to which one has to be ashamed.

Crores of girls drop out of studies in India due to menstruation

Shama Parveen explains, “Sometimes the bleeding is so much that there is always a fear that the clothes might get stained and awkward situations might happen. The pain and confusion is so much that just close the room and lie down.”

Lado Panchayat is being held in many villagesPhoto: Sunil Jaglan/DW

There are very few women like Shama Parveen who talk about it without hesitation. She says that due to this, the working capacity of women is also affected. Many working women believe this, but their difficulty is that even today talking about this issue is not considered good in the society. In such a situation, it is difficult for these working women to balance work and problems. That’s why the demand for period leave is continuously rising to help women.

new initiative in haryana

A new initiative has taken place in the state of Haryana. In every village, the girls themselves are demanding this by holding panchayats. The issue of his panchayat is to demand period leave from the government. The issues that are being raised in the Panchayat also include the demand of the government to take necessary steps for women’s health. Nirmala, who is joining the panchayats, says that governments must give leave during menstruation and for this a new health bill should be passed. Nirmala says that needy women do not even get sanitary pads.

Sunil Jaglan, former sarpanch of Jind district in Haryana, is taking this campaign forward in the form of a campaign. For this he organizes ëlado panchayatí in the villages. Recently, one such panchayat was organized in Kanwari village of Hisar district. Organized with the slogan of Lado ‘Panchayat for Health’, many women presented their views and demanded one day period leave for women in government, semi-government offices and non-government companies.

Ankita Pandey, involved in the panchayat, said that very little attention is paid to mental health for women.

Sunil Jaglan says that earlier he started a period chart campaign in which he used to make a chart at home. After that he started talking to the girls for period leave to give comfort to the women. They say that many working girls take medicines to prevent periods, which are very harmful. After hearing this, he started a campaign to get period leave.

What is period leave?

Period leave is prevalent in many countries. Paid period leave came into practice during the Second World War. Some countries like Japan, South Korea and Indonesia have this provision. A school in Kerala in India also adopted it in the year 1912.

These girls will never have to worry about period pads again

In period leave, there is a system of giving paid leave to women during menstruation. These leaves are granted every month and will be separate from medical leave and leave of any other kind. Women can take this leave as per their requirement. Thus these women get comfort in those days of pain and difficulty.

Presently Bihar is the only state where there is a provision of period leave by the government. In Bihar, in the year 1992, the then Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav’s government had arranged to give period leave to women for 2 days in a month. But no such law has been made at the national level.

Hygiene in sports

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Member of Parliament Ninong Ering had introduced a private bill in the Parliament in 2017 demanding equal status for women and four days period leave etc. In the bill, there was talk of giving this facility to girl students studying in class 8 or above, in which there is a provision for leave from school. The bill was discussed, but could not be passed due to lack of majority. Although, some private companies give period leave, but their number is very less.

What are the problems?

The biggest problem is the social attitude regarding periods. Even today it is not considered a normal physiological process in the society. There is no talk about it in the house. There is complete prohibition on talking in front of men. Even when it comes to bringing sanitary pads, they are brought hidden in black polythene.

Problems increase further at the workplace. To hesitate in front of male colleague and to bear physical problems related to periods is a destiny for women employees. For women working on field work, the problems are even more.

According to doctors, in addition to bleeding during periods, it is natural to have joint pain, irritability, heaviness in the head, body cramps. In such a situation, it is not possible to expect a woman to ignore all these and behave normally.


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