People heating fire outside the house in the grip of a speeding trailer in Deoria, 3 died painfully


Deoria: A painful accident came to light on Friday morning in Deoria district of UP. Here the uncontrolled trailer trampled the people who were heating the bonfire outside the house. 3 people have died in this accident. At the same time, 2 other people are said to be seriously injured due to the accident. The incident has come to the fore from Barao intersection of Madanpur police station area. Police reached the spot, took the bodies of the dead and sent them for postmortem. While the injured have been taken to the hospital for proper treatment.

Trailer straightened with the help of JCB

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According to the information received, the trailer went uncontrolled while trying to save the cyclist. After this, he crushed the people who were heating the bonfire at Barav Square. Paras Pandey, Gauri God and Sunil Madheshiya died on the spot. Meanwhile, the speeding trailer also damaged the house. As soon as the information about the death of three people was received from the trailer, the police force of several police stations including the SP reached the spot. Relief and rescue operations were started in a hurry. The trailer was straightened with the help of JCB machine. After this the dead body could be removed from there.

trailer seized

Regarding the matter, SP Sankalp Sharma has told that the trailer has been seized. Action is being taken by taking the driver into custody. With the help of the district administration, the government has also been informed about the Madanpur incident. After the incident, an announcement has also been made to give compensation of two lakh rupees to the relatives of the deceased. After the post-mortem, the dead bodies will be handed over to their relatives. At the same time, instructions have been issued by the district administration for better treatment of the injured. After the accident, the relatives of the deceased are in bad condition by crying.

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