People Think Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Latest Mon’ Is a Gold and Silver Deep Cut


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The Pokémon Company has simply revealed Bellibolt, a chunky electrical frog-looking pocket monster, and followers suppose he’s impressed by the unique design for Politoed, a creature from the Pokémon Gold and Silver demo.

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Various Twitter users noticed Bellibolt’s resemblance to the scrapped demo design for Politoed, who was modified to look somewhat sportier for the ultimate model of Gold and Silver.

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Alongside being large inexperienced frogs, each Pokémon share the identical face design (although the nostrils on Politoed are eyes on Bellibolt; the ‘eyes’ are literally electrical energy sacks), the identical large circle on their bellies with a smaller yellow circle within the center, and the identical orange knee pads.

Anyone else discover Bellibolt’s resemblance to beta Politoed?

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— HigherFructose (@hionfructose) October 14, 2022

We’ll doubtless by no means discover out if Bellibolt is definitely primarily based on the Pokémon Gold and Silver demo’s model of Politoed however there are plain similarities.

We do know some issues concerning the new Pokémon although, who was revealed to be gymnasium chief Iono’s companion. Bellibolt is the EleFrog Pokémon that makes use of its elastic physique to generate electrical energy that’s saved in its bellybutton and blasted from its faux eyeballs.

It’s the newest in a rising checklist of latest Pokémon coming in Scarlet and Violet, the ninth technology of video games that will likely be launched for Nintendo Switch on November 18. They convey a sequence first cooperative mode, an open world set within the Paldea area, and legendary Pokémon that flip into motorbikes.

New Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

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