PKN Orlen’s Anwil resumes nitrogen fertilizer output


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GDANSK — Polish refiner PKN Orlen’s Anwil subsidiary said on Monday it has resumed production of nitrogen fertilizers, halted last week due to a jump in gas prices, on food security grounds.

“Out of concern to guarantee the country’s food security and health protection in Poland, despite difficult macroeconomic conditions, ANWIL S.A. has decided to resume the production of nitrogen fertilizers,” PKN said.

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Both Anwil and fellow Polish fertilizer producer Grupa Azoty halted output last week due to surging gas prices, though the food industry warned the resulting lack of carbon dioxide deliveries could impact food security in the country.

Chemical makers produce CO2 as a byproduct that is used in various parts of the food industry, including to cool products during transportation, stun poultry and pigs before slaughter, and add fizz to drinks.

Poland’s government said last week it would prepare measures to intervene in the fertilizer market affected by soaring natural gas prices. (Reporting by Maria Gieldon; Writing by Anna Pruchnicka; Editing by David Goodman and Jan Harvey)


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