Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: 10 Cutest Generation IX Pokémon, Ranked


Since the long-awaited launch of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet in November, gamers have been exploring Paldea and, after all, falling in love with the brand new crop of Pokémon, claiming their new favourite critters alongside the best way.

Among the brand new Pokémon in Generation IX, there are already some breakout stars and among the cutest new Pokémon to debut in generations. From an cute trio of starters to a deep roster of cute canines, pigs, mice and extra, there’s powerful competitors for which of the brand new Pokémon are absolutely the cutest.



While Lechonk is not going to remain as cute when it evolves, this Normal-type porcine Pokémon is the newest in an extended line of cute pigs obtainable early in Pokémon video games.

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Lechonk makes use of its huge nostril to smell out berries and comes with the power Glutton. It’s largely the cute spherical physique and massive snout that makes Lechonk so cute, however gamers cannot overlook the truth that Lechonk is an absolute good title for this little porker.


Fuecoco Pokemon

Fuecoco, the Fire-type starter from Generation IX, has a variety of the identical options that gamers have come to anticipate from Fire-type starters through the years, together with the Blaze capacity and a playful presence as an antagonist in some early trailers.

Fuecoco is a bit hearth crocodile whose cute options embrace stubby little arms and one huge entrance tooth which hangs out of its mouth. This is one other Pokémon that is simply considered one of a trio of cute starters.


Bellibolt standing on a grassy field with a lake behind it in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Bellibolt is one other Pokémon one may argue has an ideal title. It’s an Electric-type frog that, no shock, has a giant, cute stomach. Bellibolt has turned heads for aggressive Pokémon battlers because it introduces a brand-new capacity to the collection known as Electromorphosis.

It’s additionally acquired fairly a little bit of consideration for being cute. From the bouncy manner it hobbles round on two ft to the pretend eyeballs on the facet of its head, it is a kooky however cute little frog.


Wiglett coming out of the sand in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Wiglett first turned heads for its similarities to a basic fan favourite Pokémon Diglett. It’s the backyard eel Pokémon, a Water-type that burrows into the sand on seashores then jumps as much as startle gamers.

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Aside from being like Diglett, Wiglett additionally remembers one other famously helpless Pokémon: Wooper. The comparisons between the 2 armless Water-types are clear, and that is one cute, wobbly little eel.


Quaxly Pokemon

Generation IX’s Water-type Quaxly stole the hearts of followers instantly. It’s an cute duckling that appears just like the captain of a ship and is described on the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet web site as “earnest and tidy.”

Much like Fuecoco, it has some options one would anticipate from a Water-type starter, specifically Torrent as a capability. Pokémon has an extended historical past of cute Water-type geese — Ducklett and Psyduck come to thoughts — and Quaxly is the newest in that line.


Smolive Pokemon on the Paldea map

Something longtime devotees anticipate from any Pokémon recreation is an cute early-game Bug- or Grass-type. For Generation IX, that is Smoliv.

Smoliv might not be that good in battle — its major gimmick is having a giant olive on its head that spits oil so it could actually run away — however it’s cute and has a variety of potential via its evolutions. From its terrified expression to its cute Pokédex entry because the olive Pokémon, Smoliv is a cute companion within the early recreation.


Pokemon Scarlet Violet Gimmighoul Forms Screenshot

One of the most recent Pokémon revealed from Scarlet and Violet is Gimmighoul, an cute little ghost that has two totally different kinds. Players will see it typically in its Roaming kind, working round on two ft in search of cash to steal, however the cuter model is its Chest kind, through which it hides inside a chest stuffed with treasure.

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It’s laborious to determine what’s cutest about Gimmighoul between the hoard of wealth it hides in, it is cute glasses or simply how tiny it’s as soon as it is lastly in its roaming kind. One of probably the most distinctive Pokémon from Generation IX additionally occurs to be one of many cutest.


The best starter design in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is Sprigatito's.

One of the breakout favorites from Scarlet and Violet is Sprigatito, the cute Grass-type starter with the impossibly cute smile. It’s categorized because the grass cat Pokémon, and like all Grass-type starters earlier than it, it comes with Overgrow as its capacity.

While there’s normally a giant debate over which of the starter Pokémon is the most effective, Sprigatito received the hearts of followers instantly and is already seen as the most effective new Pokémon within the Paldea area.


Pawmi Pokemon

Most generations of Pokémon have some Pokémon that is principally only a totally different model of Pikachu, they usually’re typically among the many cutest. Generation IX isn’t any exception as Scarlet and Violet are introducing Pawmi.

Unlike most of the different Pikachu clones, Pawmi seems to be prefer it spends most of its time on all fours, nevertheless it nonetheless had the trademark chubby cheeks and static electrical energy which have all the time made the collection mascot so beloved.


Fidough Pokemon

Sometimes it is clear from the very first second followers see a brand new Pokémon that they will attain the higher echelon of all-time cute character, and in Generation IX, that was the case with Fidough.

Fidough is a Fairy-type pet Pokémon that is principally a strolling pastry, and all the things about it’s valuable. From its cinnamon-bun ears to its stubby legs and tail to its doughy physique and whimpering little eyes, it feels unattainable for the rest the collection has in retailer for the longer term to be any cuter than Fidough.

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