Postponed nineteenth Asian Games to be held in September-October 2023 in Hangzhou

Chinese metropolis Hangzhou will stay the host of the nineteenth Asian Games to be held later this 12 months however was postponed, organisers stated in an announcement on Tuesday.

The Games will now be held in Hangzhou from September 23 to October 8 2023, the Olympic Council of Asia stated.

The Asian Games had been initially deliberate to be held in Hangzhou from tenth to twenty fifth of September 2022, nonetheless because of the Covid-19 international pandemic the Games had been postponed by the OCA Executive Board on 6 May.

The assertion from OCA stated, “A Task Force was created by the EB to finalise the new dates for the Games which over the last two months held various discussions with the Chinese Olympic Committee, Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee and other stakeholders to find a window for the Games which did not conflict with other major international sporting events. The recommended dates by the Task Force were duly approved by the OCA EB.”

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