‘Prey’ veteran needs to see Batman struggle a Predator, and why the hell not

Across movie, tv, comedian books, video video games, and much more types of media in addition to, the Predator has crossed over with a weird quantity of sudden pals and foes, however to this point we’ve solely seen the intergalactic trophy hunters tangle with the Xenomorphs from Alien in live-action.

Regaling his time beneath the costume in a latest interview (per ComicBook), actor and stunt performer Dane DiLiegro revealed the lengths he went to in an effort to turn into probably the most limber Predator but.

“The thing about this character is he’s more of an animal. He’s more feral. So it kind of takes away some of the iconic characteristics that you had from the first one, of the wide arms and the way he took the mask off. This was just more of an animal. I trained in parkour for two months. I trained in martial arts for two months and I just tried to make him this animalistic, violent, ferocious killer.”

That’s all effectively and good, however how would the dreadlocked monsters fare in opposition to a sure Dark Knight? Well, it does have priority in comics, however veteran results artist Tom Woodruff admitted that he’d nonetheless like to see it in live-action.

“I like the idea of Batman fighting a Predator,” Woodruff stated. “I’ll take that one. Dane, if nobody else goes for it, you and me and a little camcorder, we’re going to make this work.”

Besides Batman, the Predators have additionally tangled with Superman, the Terminator, Tarzan, Judge Dredd, and extra left-field foes, so it’s not as if the supply materials isn’t there to adapt.

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