Rakhi Sawant’s Miscarriage, Actress Grieving, Says ‘No One Believed She Was Pregnant’


DNA Hindi: Bollywood’s ‘drama queen’ Rakhi Sawant is making headlines these days for her wedding with boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. The actress recently revealed that she had a court marriage and got married to Adil about 7 months ago. Amidst all this, this actress again gave surprising information.

What is the whole thing?
In fact, news of Rakhi Sawant’s pregnancy has also been doing the rounds for the past few days. However, the actress was seen to turn away from these reports. When Asian News International (ANI) asked Rakhi Sawant a question about getting pregnant at the age of 44, the actress proceeded to say ‘no comment’. The actress finally broke her silence on this issue.

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Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani shared the news of the actress’ pregnancy on her official Instagram handle. He used the word ‘abortion’ with the picture of Rakhi Sawant. Giving information about the matter, she captioned it, ‘Rakhi Sawant always makes us laugh and we always take her for granted but it’s very sad that she has gone through so much trouble in the past. Apart from sharing information about the mother’s health, Rakhi also shared the sad news of the miscarriage. She told me over the phone, ‘Yes bro, I was pregnant and I said it in Bigg Boss Marathi too, but everyone thought it was a joke and no one took it seriously.’

Please tell that during Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4, the actress was seen talking about it, but no one took it seriously then. Social media users are expressing different reactions after the matter came up here.

Check out people’s reactions here-

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Commenting on Viral Bhayani’s post, one user wrote, ‘This woman will do anything to stay in the limelight, made fun of the public’, while another wrote, ‘Rakhi Sawant is a number one liar. Better not believe it. At the same time, a third user wrote, ‘Where does he get the content from, he is just kidding himself now.’ Apart from this, another user wrote, ‘A new lie and a new drama. Now if he tells the truth no one will believe him.

Notably, in ‘Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4’, Rakhi decided to return with the money instead of winning. On the other hand, the actress surprised everyone by sharing her wedding pictures with Adil Khan Durrani right after exiting the show. With her marriage being called fake and Adil Durrani’s rejection, Rakhi looked upset for several days. But now Adil Khan Durrani has also accepted his marriage with Rakhi.

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