RDR2: Van Der Linde Gang Members Who Could Have Replaced Arthur


While many followers rapidly fell in love with Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist Arthur Morgan, different members of the forged may’ve made equally fascinating prequel protagonists. Rockstar Games’ open-world journey portrays the waning years of the Wild West and the Van der Linde gang, years earlier than John Marston hunts the posse down for the American authorities within the first recreation. Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan is a tremendous and relatable playable character, however the recreation’s story may’ve additionally been advised from a number of alternate views.


While the prequel does characteristic the primary recreation’s primary character, regretful outlaw John Marston, Red Dead Redemption 2’s protagonist Arthur Morgan manages to be much more grounded and likable. The iconic character is endlessly loyal to Dutch Van der Linde and the remainder of his adopted household, however he additionally craves a quiet life exterior of gunfights and robberies. Arthur by no means finds this pleased ending, sadly, since he famously contracts tuberculosis whereas violently gathering cash from a easy farmer. Arthur Morgan’s story of loyalty and redemption lies on the core of Red Dead Redemption 2, however experiencing the prequel’s plot from one other character’s perspective may’ve been simply as fascinating.

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Lenny Summers Would Make A Lovable RDR2 Protagonist

Red Dead Redemption 2 boasts a lovable forged of Wild West figures, however the younger outlaw Lenny Summers is likely one of the most memorable. One of the sequel’s most iconic missions is Lenny and Arthur’s drunken night time in RDR2, which sees issues get wildly out of hand inside a bar in Valentine. This early mission establishes a brotherly relationship between Arthur and Lenny, which displays the bigger idea of the Van der Linde gang as a household reasonably than a mere legal enterprise. Unfortunately, this night time of bonding with Lenny solely makes it extra painful when Arthur’s good friend is shot useless by legislation officers in the direction of the title’s emotional climax.

While the gruff and skilled Arthur Morgan makes an incredible protagonist, Lenny Summers would’ve given a unique perspective on RDR2 as its participant character. The prequel portrays Lenny is likely one of the youngest and latest members of the Van der Linde gang, which may’ve made him a helpful point-of-view character as gamers get to know every of Dutch’s loyal followers. Making Lenny RDR2’s primary character as a substitute of Arthur would additionally make his demise much more tragic, contemplating its pointless and sudden nature. Perhaps an alternate model of the sport would see gamers begin out controlling Lenny, solely to modify to John or Arthur upon his demise.

Charles Smith Would Give RDR2 A New Perspective

RDR2: What Each Van der Linde Gang Member's Horse Says About Them Head Art Charles

Another of Red Dead Redemption 2’s most beloved characters is Charles Smith, a soft-spoken survivalist and up to date addition to the Van der Linde gang. A person of African American and Native American descent, Charles embraces his heritage by instructing Arthur to hunt and looking for revenge on poachers who needlessly slaughtered buffalo. Charles’ position slowly grows all through RDR2, and he finally turns into one among Arthur’s few allies when the Van der Linde gang members flip towards one another. Rockstar Games offers Charles a cheerful ending for Red Dead Redemption, contemplating he escapes to Canada reasonably than brutally dying, however his final destiny stays unknown.

Charles already serves as a serious supporting character all through the sport, however RDR2 advised from his perspective could possibly be much more fascinating. As a more moderen member of the gang Charles is taken into account a loner, so gamers may develop nearer to different members of the gang together with him. Charles’ race and background additionally may’ve created an fascinating dynamic within the open-world Wild West, maybe taking part in into the sport’s Wanted system and the American frontier’s notion of his coloured heritage. As one of many few characters who truly survives to the top of Red Dead Redemption 2 and past, Charles may function the only real protagonist all through this theoretical model of RDR2.

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Sadie Adler Is Already A Major RDR2 Protagonist

Red Dead Redemption 2 Sadie Adler Bounty Hunter

Many franchise followers wish to see Red Dead Redemption 3 comply with Sadie Adler’s story, contemplating her simple significance to the plot of RDR2. Rescued by the Van der Linde gang early within the recreation following the homicide of her husband, Sadie rapidly evolves from a frightened survivor into a robust gunslinging outlaw. The males of the American frontier initially refuse to take her critically, however Sadie finally proves herself as probably the deadliest and most ethical member of the Van der Linde crew. Sadie is arguably the second most essential character in RDR2, extra distinguished even than John Marston, and the sport ends her story together with her heading south to elements unknown.

Like Lenny and Charles, Sadie Adler would make a superb RDR2 protagonist resulting from her current addition to the Van der Linde gang. Sadie is simply as essential as Arthur Morgan within the prequel, and her robust character arc may make her the most suitable choice for an alternate protagonist. Players would learn to combat and survive simply as Sadie does, reasonably than embodying the already expert sharpshooter Arthur Morgan. Playing a Red Dead recreation from a feminine perspective would even be distinctive, given the interval’s dated view of girls that the collection readily addresses and parodies. Playing as Sadie may additionally reveal extra about her misplaced husband and her future after the sport’s occasions.

Red Dead Redemption 2 made gamers fall in love with protagonist Arthur Morgan, however a number of the recreation’s different beloved characters may’ve made wonderful playable characters too. Lenny, Charles and Sadie are a number of the most relatable and well-written characters within the Wild West simulator, making them prime candidates to take Arthur’s place. Each of those characters would give the unhappy story of RDR2 a novel new twist, given their various backgrounds and shared standing as newcomers to the Van der Linde household. While Red Dead Redemption 2 will all the time star Arthur Morgan, maybe one among these different superb outlaws will star in a possible third Red Dead Redemption recreation.

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