Review: Nomiswap, The DEX With An Innovative Trading Model And Best Rewards In Crypto

The crypto industry is growing faster than anyone could have anticipated. New data suggests the sector could onboard over 1 billion users by 2025 if it follows the internet’s adoption curve. These users will have multiple options to trade with their favorite digital assets.

Most users might be inclined to use a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform due to its multiple advantages over their centralized counterparts. In that sense, Nomiswap seems poised to take center stage and meet the increasing demand for efficient and low-cost trading platforms in the crypto industry.

This DEX was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one of the richest ecosystems for decentralized finances (DeFi) in the industry. Nomiswap has already attracted a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts due to its low fees and multiple features.

The platform offers a 0.1% trading fee to trade tokens under the BEP-20 standard and the ability to trade free of charge by leveraging their staking and farming features. Nomiswap has native integration with the Nominex ecosystem. This crypto trading platform is the official broker for the top crypto exchange Binance giving Nominex an extra layer of legitimacy.

In other words, users can benefit from either using the Nomiswap decentralized platform or shifting to the Nominex centralized trading platforms without losing their capacity to operate at a low cost, and their opportunities to receive rewards and other bonuses.

This hybrid model is one of the first and most innovative in the sector as it provides its users with more choices while preserving its decentralized capabilities. According to their official website, the team behind this project is committed to providing people with a transparent, decentralized, and user-friendly trading venue:

We are highly committed to providing true value, fairness, and innovation to decentralized finance through our high-quality products and services. Nomiswap is fast, secure and anyone can swap and earn tokens

Why Nomiswap Is The Ideal Platform For Crypto Traders

Nomiswap integration with the Nominex CeDeFi ecosystem allowed it to provide users with a unique set of products while operating under a 0% fee model. The DEX gives users the chance to receive cashback on their trading fees while providing liquidity and increasing these rewards as they level up their farming/staking tier. Nomiswap will reward traders and referrals if they stake or provide liquidity for a token, if they participate in the platform’s launch pools, or simply by swapping tokens. The platform’s unique binary referral program will provide a user with an opportunity to earn from the group of people that they onboarded and for each of their individual activities.

This reward structure is called Binary Tree and is formed by Trading and Farming Rewards that can be subdivided into:

1. -Own referral trading and farming rewards: a user receives a reward from their referral pays and trading fees or when their referrals farm on Nomiswap. As the image below shows, the referral farming reward provides users with as much as 10% of the total farm tokens on NomiSwap while the referral trading rewards provide users with as much as 20% of the total paid fees by referrals. The rewards increase as the user levels up.

2. -Team Farming rewards: As mentioned, these rewards provide users with a percentage of the tokens farmed on NomiSwap for the user’s weak and strong team. The weak team is simply the team that has farmed fewer tokens in 24 hours. The percentage of rewards received from these referrals, according to NomiSwap’s official website, “depends on your own” farming level.

3. -Team Trading rewards: users get a percentage of the paid trading fees from their teams as a reward. As seen below, these rewards increase up to 10% as the user increases their farming levels or by how much value they contribute to liquidity pools and launchpools.

The reward structure compensates users for onboarding their friends, families, or crypto communities. The rewards are directly linked to the size of the transaction and farming deposit, which means a user will receive more rewards for a higher transaction, trading volume, farming deposits, and referrals.

The higher the transactions and farming the deposit, the higher the user’s level and the bigger the individual and team rewards and the cashback. Therefore, a single user can benefit from these rewards by simply being active on the Nominex and Nomiswap platforms and taking advantage of these exchanges’ referral structure.

Each of these rewards increases, as mentioned, as the user levels up their tiers. In addition, the profits made while trading and providing liquidity in this ecosystem can be compounded by DEX’s referral program with its utilitarian farming feature.

Unlike competitive platforms, a user can receive rewards for people who didn’t register on the DEX with their referral links. In that sense, Nomiswap’s referral rewards are unlimited and are only capped by the amount of NMX farmed or by the total amount of NMX farmed by a group of users.

This model, its capacity to be combined with other features on Nomiswap, and its hybrid operational model are the reasons that made this DEX an ideal choice for active crypto traders. You are rewarded not just for taking positions or selling digital assets, but by encouraging others to become a part of the crypto revolution.

The above has translated into massive growth for Nomiswap, the DEX is one of the top projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Data from DeFi Llama records a constant increase in total value locked (TVL) for this DEX as the platform manages to attract new users and see an uptick in adoption levels.

The team behind the project added the following on what they hope to ultimately achieve with NomiSwap:

Nomiswap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms. We want to take up the mantle of becoming the leading DEX platform on the market for token swaps.

Here’s How You Can Start Earning On Nomiswap By Becoming A Trader Or Liquidity Provider

Nomiswap’s trading platform stands out from competitors because it’s user-friendly. Traders are able to buy or sell any token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. The team behind the project will continue to add trading pairs and staking rewards.

Traders can also buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies as synthetic tokens running on Nomiswap. Traders only need to connect their wallets, select a cryptocurrency and an operation, and start earning.

Furthermore, Nomiswap enables users to customize their experience by changing the trading parameters, such as transaction speed, and slippage percentage for swaps. Users can even set up a deadline for when the transaction should be completed.

The image above shows the settings button, the swap, liquidity, and connect wallet button. These are the main features for any trader or liquidity provider. This menu allows users to select their trading pair and either swap the token or provide liquidity. Both operations will require the user to have sufficient balance to complete the transaction.

As mentioned, providing liquidity will grant the users rewards in the form of NMX. Users will be able to increase their rewards by staking their earnings and leveraging unique liquidity pools to receive bonuses.

In addition to the other rewards, Nomiswap also provides farmers with a special bonus to keep their tokens on the platform. The longer a farmer participates in a pool, the higher their bonus.

The rewards from this holder bonus are directly allocated as NMX tokens to every participant in a pool, and it’s separate from the share of their farming rewards. As such, it’s another unique feature from Nomiswap which allows users to compound their gains.

The platform uses an increasing coefficient to calculate the holder bonus. This coefficient ranges from a week at 20%, two weeks at 50%, a month at 100%, and continues to increase beyond the year when profitability surpasses 10 times the original bonus. If a user unstake their tokens, the bonus will be recalculated from zero.

These features provide traders with protection against impermanent loss, while it offers some of the highest annual percentage returns (APR) in the industry, much higher than other DEX in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, such as industry leader Pancakeswap.

As seen below, some of the APR for providing liquidity across the NomiSwap pools can easily surpass 76% and 140% in the case of the pools for NMX and stablecoins, some of the most attractive in the DeFi sector. This includes NMX/USDT, NMX/BUSD, and NMX/USDC.

Pools formed by just stablecoins also provide high APRs with a minimum of 4.59% for the BUSD/USDT pair. These pools, together with the additional rewards from referrals and the holder bonus, make them a perfect option for users looking for a steady extra income for their portfolio.


In 2021, the DeFi sector of the crypto space recorded $100 billion in total value locked (TVL). This represented an increase of over 10-fold its previous year’s all-time high. Decentralized exchanges, such as NomiSwap, are and continue to be leaders in the sector.

This trend seems likely to extend in the coming years with new platforms like NomiSwap taking market share from expensive and slower trading venues. NomiSwap was acclaimed as the most valuable build-on by Binance’s Accelerator program, an initiative implemented to support projects in the sector.

In addition, NomiSwap has been acclaimed and recommended by top crypto experts and specialized outlets, such as Revain and T9schools. The DEX is considered one of the best crypto trading platforms in the market due to its features, reward and bonus opportunities, and a variety of products.

NomiSwap’s interface is easy to use for new traders and crypto veterans with unparalleled opportunities to compound profits via referrals or rewards. These platforms are on track to continue attracting new users that want to leverage the power of decentralized finances or those looking for a secure bridge between a centralized alternative and a decentralized ecosystem.

If you want to know more about NomiSwap, its reward programs, features, and how to become a member of their community, look at these links for more information:


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