Russia’s war on Ukraine latest news: Moscow ends call-up


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Russia says it drafted 300,000 people in a month and is ending its call up of reservists to fight in Ukraine, a divisive move that led to tens of thousands of Russian men fleeing and brought the first sustained public protest against the war.

* Russian conscripts are so poorly prepared and equipped that Moscow will soon need more men to send to the war, Ukrainian President Zelenskiy said.

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* Both sides exchanged rocket, mortar and artillery fire from trench lines north of the Russian-held southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, where one of the war’s most consequential battles is looming.

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* Russian President Putin’s first deputy chief of staff, Sergei Kiriyenko, has visited Kherson, the Russian-installed governor of Crimea said.

* The Russian defense ministry said its forces had repelled attempted Ukrainian advances in the east and had destroyed a Ukrainian military factory near the town of Pavlograd.

* Reuters could not verify battlefield accounts.

* A Russian journalist working for a Kremlin-backed media group died in a shooting accident at a military training ground in Crimea, Russian-installed officials said.


* The United Nations is pushing parties to renew a Black Sea grain and fertilizer deal for Ukrainian and Russian exports, a U.N. spokesperson saying it would contribute to cushioning food supply shortages and the global cost of living crisis.

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* Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused an “epochal break” in German ties with Moscow and the war has shattered former Soviet president Gorbachev’s dream of a “common European home,” Germany’s president said.

* Finland and Sweden promised to join NATO at the same time in a united front to Turkey, which has raised questions about their applications.

* The Ukrainian foreign minister told his Iranian counterpart to stop sending weapons to Russia; Iranian-made drones have been used by Russia to hobble Ukrainian energy infrastructure, Ukraine says. Iran and Russia deny the charge.

* The United States will provide $275 million in additional military assistance to Ukraine, including arms, munitions and equipment, Secretary of State Blinken said.


* Russia’s finance ministry has significantly cut expectations of taxable oil production for 2023, according to the draft budget for the next three years, in the expectation Western sanctions will mean an overall decline in output and refining volumes.

* Canada will sell a government-backed, 5-year bond to raise money for Ukraine, the first country to do so, and it will impose new sanctions on 35 Russians, including Gazprom executives, Prime Minister Trudeau said. (Compiled by Grant McCool)


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