Salman Khan called and then Adil agreed to marry Rakhi, said- Brother has settled my house


New Delhi: After marriage with Adil, Rakhi Sawant remains in constant discussion. She was crying bitterly that Adil was not accepting her marriage. Now finally Adil has accepted the matter of marriage with Rakhi. But now a video is going viral on social media. According to this video, Adil accepted the matter of marriage when he got a call from Salman Khan. Salman Khan called Adil after Rakhi’s crying video went viral. After this Adil accepted the marriage.

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This video of Rakhi Sawant and Adil is in discussion, in which both are seen talking about marriage. Rakhi has told that Salman Khan had called Adil and Bhaijaan has set up his house. Adil is also seen talking about Salman. Adil Khan is seen saying in this video, ‘Why I could not speak, because there was some situation. You just said, there are many people, I had to talk to the parents and when everyone said ok, I also said ok.

Rakhi Sawant said, ‘I speak on his behalf that today he has accepted the marriage which was ours just now. Today he has accepted. This is true dear!’ Adil said – Offcourse and then Rakhi says – Your voice can be given to India. Then she says – Offcourse spoken, did all of you hear?

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After this, Rakhi is seen hitting the film dialogue and says, ‘Bhala hai bad hai jaise bhi hai, mera adil mera hai’. After this, the paparazzi asked Rakhi- Did Bhaijaan’s call come? Rakhi said, ‘Bhai loves him very much, Bhai has met him as well, he has got a call from sure brother, he knows it, he has got it done. Being a brother can refuse. Brother’s call will come only then it will happen.

When Adil was asked what happened to Salman, he said, ‘Rakhi batayegi’. Only Rakhi will tell about brother’s things, I will not. Rakhi says on this, ‘Salman Bhai asked him what brother, what is happening, what is this. I saw the video. Adil had the phone in his ear, ask him. He is his son-in-law, brother-in-law. On this Adil says ‘You were also on a headphone’. He just told me to accept it. If you want to do it, then accept it, otherwise refuse it. Whatever is true, face it. Rakhi said that if pressure comes from others, then they accept. Something should be accepted even from the pressure of the wife.


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