Salman Khan called Nimrit ‘two faced’, said – she was visible because of Abdu, she has no existence


The ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ was filled with both happy and sad moments. On the 92nd day of the show, Salman Khan was seen talking to Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, who was hurt by the changed behavior of her close friend, Abdu Rozik, who re-entered the house. Salman has raised the issue again and has spoken to Nimrit. Nimrit was very unhappy with whatever Salman said to her but this has brought some relief to the fans of Abdu. Salman Khan has advised Nimrit and Abdu to stay away.

Salman Khan took Nimrit’s class

Salman Khan told Nimrit Ahluwalia on ‘Weekend Ke Vaar’, ‘When Abdu Rozik re-entered the house, you said that his behavior has changed towards you. You also said that you lost a friend. he changed.’ Nimrit nodded and said, ‘Done. If I was alone, Abdu would not come and talk to me. Even when we sit in a group, he gets weirded out by my presence. Yesterday, I, Shiv Thackeray and Sumbul Touqueer Khan were sitting in the Captain’s room. He didn’t even bother to wish me good night. He wished her good night but ignored me as if I didn’t exist.’

Nimrit reprimanded by Salman

On this, Salman said, ‘Your whole group was telling Abdu to stop saying ‘Nimmi Nimmi’. Abdu kept explaining to everyone that for the last 2-3 weeks he has friendly feelings only for you. You all behaved as a fellow contestant? You all tortured Abdu to stay away and now you are saying that you are heartbroken.

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Salman called Nimrit two-faced

Not only this, Salman reprimanded Nimrit for her double standards and questioned her existence in the show. He said, ‘You never played individually. Thank you for your circle, you are visible. You were the talk of the house because of Abdu. What happened now that ever since he started distancing himself from you, your limelight has gone away. You don’t even know what to do in the game and you don’t even appear in the show because Abdu is not in the frame. You were visible only because of Abdu.’

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Nimrit’s mother called Abdu

He also termed Sajid Khan’s assumptions about Abdu’s changed behavior as baseless. He said, “You all will be shocked to know that Abdu’s team has not asked him to keep distance from Nimrit, but Nimrit’s mother called him and spoke to him.” Nimrit is shocked and tries to ask Abdu about this. Abdu agreed that Nimrit’s mother had called him a day before her appearance on the show and refused to divulge anything else.

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