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Small business has been called the backbone of the Canadian economy. Employing 10.3 million people, small and medium-sized firms make up 98.1 per cent of all employer businesses, according to Statistics Canada.

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But the past two years have been tough, with the COVID-19 pandemic, high inflation, labour shortages and now a faltering economy throwing challenge after challenge at small business owners.

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The Financial Post would like to help by answering your questions on small business in this uncertain economy, whether you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one.

Through FP Answers, we want to hear your questions and use them to write articles that inform and engage all our readers.

Here’s how it works. First, submit a question in the form below. It can be anything you want to know about running a small business: strategies, regulations, subsidies, taxes and more, or more general questions about small business and the economy. Our reporters and experts will select questions, find the answers and turn them into articles for everyone to read.

Send in your question today.


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