Shang-Chi vs. Captain America: Who Is The MCU’s Best Martial Artist?


At this level within the MCU, it is turn into clear that Captain America and Shang-Chi are the highest two contenders for the MCU’s finest hand-to-hand fighter. The MCU boasts a number of heroes with some degree of martial arts coaching, equivalent to Black Widow and Winter Soldier, however Chris Evans’ Captain America and Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi are a lower above. What they have been in a position to do of their films – each with weapons and with out – spotlight simply how expert they are surely.


There was a time when there was little question who the MCU’s finest martial artist was. The spectacular shows of Steve’s martial arts skills throughout his fights with Iron Man, Spider-Man, and extra all served as proof of his superiority to the MCU’s different martial artists. Steve being forward of everybody else wasn’t shocking, particularly when contemplating what’s anticipated of a live-action tackle the character. After all, it is partially Steve’s preventing expertise that make him able to maintaining with heroes like Thor and Iron Man within the comedian books. But now, due to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the MCU has a second character whose martial arts expertise makes him a pressure to be reckoned with.

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Shang-Chi’s Martial Arts Skills Are Better Than Captain America’s

Shang-Chi in a fighting stance

If there’s any character who can rival Steve’s martial arts expertise within the MCU, it is Shang-Chi. While Captain America’s prowess is not in query, it is value noting that his background cannot examine with Liu’s character. Steve did not truly being his coaching till he was in his early twenties. For that cause, he could not have had quite a lot of years of preventing expertise beneath his belt earlier than taking over the Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger. Even if Captain America was skilled by fighters related to a number of martial arts disciplines, there is a restrict to what he may have realized in such a short while.

Shang-Chi, alternatively, was conditioned for preventing at a a lot earlier age. He was only a little one when the Mandarin made him begin his martial arts classes. Due to hours and hours of intensive apply, Shang-Chi was in a position to grasp a number of types of kung fu. Unlike Steve, His complete childhood was dedicated to preventing. Looking on the time invested in his coaching and what’s been proven of him to date, there is a good probability his expertise are at the least barely higher than Steve’s.

Why Captain America Would Still Beat Shang-Chi

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers looking up in Captain America Civil War

A combat between Captain America and Shang-Chi would not be determined by martial arts alone. Any benefit that Shang-Chi would acquire from his deep kung fu background can be offset by the tremendous soldier serum. Steve could land much less hits on Shang-Chi, however it would not be essential for him to match him blow for blow. Steve is not an MCU powerhouse, however his energy simply outclasses all non-powered people. Though it will probably be a hotly contested matchup, the victory ought to go to Captain America.

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