Sharmistha quit the job of British Council and set up a tea tap, people said – it takes guts to do this


The name of the girl you see in the picture wearing a blue cap is Sharmistha Ghosh. He has done Masters in English Literature. After this she was working in the British Council. But now she is leaving the British Council job and setting up a tea stall on the road. Many youths have left their well-paying jobs and started small startups. Now Sharmishtha’s name has also been included in them.

Sharmistha started her business by setting up a tea stall, but in the coming future she wants to make a big brand like Chaayoz. Now people are getting inspired a lot in this. Now people are calling her as MA English Chaiwali. These days Sharmishtha Ghosh can be seen running a small tea shop on the street in Gopinath Bazaar of Delhi Cantt.

His story was shared on Linkedin by retired Brigadier Sanjay Khanna of the Indian Army. Khanna wrote in his post, “When I asked Sharmistha why did you take this decision, she told that she wants to make this tea stall as big as Chaayos. It was Khanna who told in his post that Sharmistha was working in the library of the British Council but left the job and started a tea stall. He also has a partner with him who previously worked for the Lufthansa airline.

Everyone is praising Sharmishtha’s courage. One user wrote – I completely agree with your sentiment that no job is small or big… The story of Sharmistha and Bhavna Rao (her partner) is very inspiring and shows that anything is possible with hard work and dedication Is. It also takes courage to leave a well-paying job and start your own business.

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