Sheejan’s sisters claim – Tunisha did not have a good relationship with her mother Vanita, photo with hijab is part of the show


Now a big update has come out in the Tunisha suicide case. Recently, Tunisha’s mother Vanita Sharma and maternal uncle made serious allegations against Sheejan Khan in a press conference. The mother had claimed that Sheejan’s sister Falak had taken Tunisha to the dargah and Sheejan used to force her to wear the hijab. Now Sheezan Khan’s family has responded to the allegations made. On Monday, Sheezan’s sisters Falak and Shafaq Naaz held a press conference, in which they answered all the allegations and also made some revelations.

On the allegation of forcefully wearing hijab and being taken to Dargah, Falak Naaz said that the hijab Tunisha wore that day was part of her shoot. Tunisha Sharma and Sheezaan Khan were working together in ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-e-Kabul’ and in an episode of the same show, Tunisha wore a hijab during a scene.

Falak Naaz said about this, ‘Vanita ji, I respect you a lot. You have insulted me a lot. You say that Falak took your daughter to the Dargah, then also tell when she took her. Tunisha and Sheejan had parted ways long back. You say that Tunisha started wearing hijab. You also see why she was wearing hijab. That day there was a hijab scene in the episode, so she wore that hijab. That hijab was worn by the channel, not by us. Tunisha herself has posted a photo on Instagram for Ganesh Chaturthi.


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