Simple Yoga Exercises for Vertigo


Do you suffer from frequent dizziness? In this article, you can see simple yoga poses that will help you overcome this.

Are you suffering from vertigo problem? Does this cause frequent dizziness? Vertigo can make you feel off balance. In this case, when you experience vertigo, you feel as if you are spinning or that everything around you is spinning around you.

If you are facing such difficulties, don’t worry. Because a few yoga poses help fight the effects of vertigo by balancing and centering your mind. These not only improve blood circulation, but also help maintain a steady supply of oxygen to the body and brain.

This post explains some yoga poses that can help reduce vertigo. This information was shared by famous fitness expert Ansuka on her Instagram page. Before we look at these, let’s first understand the symptoms of vertigo.

Symptoms of vertigo

Vertigo is often caused by a change in head position. Common symptoms of vertigo include:

  • Sensation of being pulled in one direction

Other symptoms that may accompany vertigo

  • Ringing in the ears or loss of hearing

Yoga exercises for vertigo


The word Pachimothanasana is derived from Sanskrit root words. In this ‘Pachim’ means West and Asanam means sitting posture. The object of Pachimodhanasana is to create an intense stretch in the middle of the body by sitting in this posture, controlling the energy of the body.

This asana helps a lot in getting relief from stress. It helps to balance emotions. Also provides relief from anger, anxiety and irritability. It increases the blood circulation in the head and central regions, thus it is very helpful for those suffering from vertigo problem. This asana strengthens your nervous system.



In Ustrasana, the shape of the body becomes like a camel, hence it is also known as Ustrasana or ‘Camel pose’ in English. Regular practice of this asana can get rid of physical and mental problems.

Ustrasana on the other hand helps to relieve all types of back pain, stomach, chest, shoulders, front of thigh and hip muscle pain.


vertigo halasana

In the word halasana, hull means air and asana means sitting posture. By doing this yoga, the posture of the body becomes air. This is called ‘Plow pose’ in English.

This asana strengthens the neck. Practicing it works on the balance system, inner ear and nervous system. Calms the mind by relieving stress in the nervous system. It helps in dealing with the side effects of vertigo easily.

A perverse thing

Viparita Karani Yoga is an inverted posture that provides relief to the spine, legs and nervous system. This asana gradually brings the body into a state of relaxation. It calms the brain.

This asana is very useful especially for those who have the problem of vertigo. It calms the mind and removes headaches associated with vertigo, as this asana contributes to healthy blood circulation, which leads to greater relaxation and shuts down pain sensors. Staying in this posture with eyes closed helps to cure vertigo.

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It is a yoga practice performed in one posture. There is no need to repeat this as it is a relaxing meditative posture. This yoga creates a stretch in the thighs, hips and ankles.

It calms the mind and reduces stress on the nervous system. At the onset of a vertigo attack, doing a restorative pose like this one can help balance you. Regular practice of this asana helps strengthen the nervous system.

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So, if you have vertigo problem then try these yoga poses and get benefit. We hope you find this information useful. Please share this post to help others. Also like and comment your opinion on the post. By joining Hershindagi Tamil Page you can find more useful post regularly.

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