Six strategies to future-proof your supply chain in 2023


The requirement to make changes in retail supply chain structures is critical to customer experience and the associated success of retail organisations. Doing nothing is not an option.

Whilst most retailers have taken actions to address some of the short-term challenges, only a few have truly set the foundations to future proof their supply chains this year and beyond. Building a customer centric supply chain with the capabilities to support omni-channel retail requires a strategic roadmap of building blocks that iteratively increase customer experience alongside supply chain agility and efficiency.

We believe there are six key strategic pillars, which should be taken into account to ensure your organisation is on the right track for supply chain resilience:

  1. Redesign your fulfilment network and your merchandise planning function for multi-channel fulfilment. Progress is the pathway to perfection, so it’s okay to do this in stages
  2. Outsourcing your supply chain human capabilities can help improve the productivity and bottom line of your business. Is it time to consider supply chain team outsourcing?
  3. Data quality and control must develop from lip service to a key management measure – this may be painful but is necessary to take control.
  4. We are all now well versed in the importance of proactive scenario planning and operational planning; both of which are essential given the current global economic turbulence.
  5. This year, you’ll need to start thinking differently about supplier collaboration and diversification – in times of disruption, think beyond your own operation and understand the flow of goods.
  6. Inventory management and planning methods need to evolve, especially if you’re uncertain about how to integrate your online sales channels into your core merchandise operations.

If you’re concerned about the impact from the recent global supply chain challenges and disruptions, or would like to gain further insights from the Argon & Co ANZ team on how to be better prepared moving forward into 2023, please feel free to contact us by email:

About the author: David Bissett is a partner at Argon & Co Australia.


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