Skechers continues to make its mark in the Singapore marketplace


Skechers has selected actor Lawrence Wong as its Singapore brand ambassador for the second year running, in an ongoing effort to strengthen its appeal to a broad consumer demographic in the saturated market. “With the renewal of Lawrence Wong as our brand ambassador, we have many exciting campaigns and physical events, including launches and collaborations, planned for the year, and we cannot wait to share them with our customers,” Zann Lee, managing director of Skechers Southeast Asia, told

old Inside Retail.

Lee said lifestyle collections like Skechers Foamies have been very well-received in the Singaporean market, thanks to its hot and humid climate. 

“Our best-selling line is our comfort tech range, which features innovative comfort technologies, such as the high-rebound ‘hyper pillars’ that give added support,” she said.

The brand’s Japanese anime collaborations, such as One Piece, Pokémon and, more recently, Demon Slayer, have also done exceptionally well in the market, laying the groundwork for further expansion in the region.

“We are both grateful and humbled by the positive response to our collections. We know we have set a high bar for ourselves, and we look forward to bringing more collections and collaborations to our customers this year,” she said.

Describing Skechers as a “brand for everyone”, Lee said the company is constantly looking for ways to stay relevant and top of mind for consumers.

“Therefore, we need to keep ourselves grounded, listen to our customers when they give feedback and not only create products that add value to their lives but one that is aligned with their lifestyles,” she said.

The company continues to invest in its comfort technology, such as its podiatrist-approved Arch Fit line and hands-free slip-in shoes. This is a design innovation that allows customers to just slip their feet into their shoes from either a standing or sitting position without having to bend down or touch their shoes.

“We can never rest on our laurels, and we will continue striving to create products that resonate with the needs and lifestyles of our customers,” Lee said.

Zann Lee, managing director of Skechers Southeast Asia

Current trends

Consumers in Singapore have become more health-conscious and embraced more active lifestyles since the onset of the pandemic, Lee said. As a result, there has been a surge of interest in footwear and apparel that provide great walking and running experiences.

“We have always taken pride in the fact that we have a diverse and high-quality range that we offer to discerning consumers at a very affordable price point,” she said.

She noted that culture and weather play a huge role in shaping the Singapore retail market. Due to the heat and humidity, Singaporeans prefer to dress casually, so there is a constant demand for slides and sandals.

“Due to people working from home and many workplaces adopting a hybrid work culture after the pandemic, we have also seen that office attire has been relaxed. As such, there has been a surge in athleisure style, with the pairing of work outfits with sneakers,” she explained.

Despite the high level of saturation, Lee sees a lot of room for growth in Southeast Asia, and she said Skechers is looking to expand its physical presence in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

“We also seek to expand our online presence through e-commerce and online marketplaces,” she said. “We are on the lookout for new platforms to expand our business. We carefully study the strategies employed in other regions and apply any relevant ones to our market.”

As a result of its efforts, Skechers is the second-biggest sports apparel and footwear store on Lazada, and it was the top-selling footwear brand on Shopee during its 12.12 sale last year. It also won the Top Shopee Mall Brand Award in 2022 for women’s fashion.

“We also continue to partner with top-tier celebrities, such as our newest regional ambassador, Cha Eun-woo,” Lee noted. “This is to leverage the popularity of K-pop and K-drama within the region to help us capture a broader demographic segment.” 


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