Smallville: 10 Biggest Dreams Clark Kent Had In Season 1 That Came True At The End


It’s an thrilling time for Smallville followers, because the podcast Talkville options two of the present’s lead actors breaking down every episode of the sequence. The present’s Superman, Tom Welling, has just lately turn into very invested with the present’s fan base, touring for conventions in addition to growing the podcast with co-host Michael Rosenbaum, who famously performed Lex Luthor within the present.

With the 2 lead actors reviewing the primary season, many followers have been re-watching the sequence themselves. Over ten seasons, Clark Kent grows immensely, and it is enjoyable to revisit some early aspirations he sought and see how they finally performed out.


Discovering His Kryptonian Heritage

The pilot episode of Smallville sees Jonathan Kent divulge to Clark the spaceship he arrived in. This units Clark on a multi-season odyssey to find the origins of the ship, and the individuals he got here from. He learns of the existence of Krypton in Season 2, however the path to understanding his individuals continues all through the sequence.

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The exploration of Clark’s Kryptonian origins is an space the present laid out completely, because it allowed for a constant growth of thriller and intrigue. The present delved deep into the comedian lore of the Kryptonian individuals and noticed the arrival of lots of his kin on earth, together with Kara Zor-El and General Zod. Through working along with the AI of Jor-El and the expertise on the Fortress of Solitude, Clark steadily learns in regards to the destiny of his planet, and the individuals who lived there earlier than.

Resolving His Guilt For The Meteor Shower

Smallville Season 6 Lana Lang Kristin Kreuk

Along with studying his alien origins, Clark discovers he got here within the meteor bathe, a devastating occasion for the individuals of Smallville. The bathe affected a few of Clark’s closest associates, in addition to having a long-term impact on the individuals of the city. In Season One, Clark held on to giant quantities of guilt and self-loathing for this occasion.

One of Clark’s earliest challenges in his journey to changing into a hero is coming to grips along with his self-loathing. His “hero complex” usually ends in him blaming himself for issues uncontrolled or seeing occasions as revolving round him when they don’t. He progressively matures previous this as he turns into an grownup, however some would have hoped it will come sooner, as these issues resulted in repetitive melodrama. His sense of heroism does outcome within the quote that defines Clark Kent as the very best in Smallville.

Understanding His Heightened Senses

Clark's X-Ray vision in Smallville

Some of probably the most gratifying Season One episodes are when Clark by chance stumbles on a brand new energy. These episodes usually made for fun-filled, comedic, and character-driven episodes that carry out the very best within the actors.

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Clark realized about completely different powers at various factors all through the sequence, with the final of his sense-driven talents coming in season 6. His X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, and Super Hearing all come within the first few seasons. While it might look like a very long time, the area between these powers allowed for the present to maintain tempo for its longevity.

Finding Others Like Him

Smallville Justice League Team

On a pc display screen within the first episode, Clark is seen looking the online for unusual occurrences, in addition to studying Nietzsche’s philosophy of the Übermensch. Clark is interested by his powers. Most of all, he desires to know if there are others on the earth whom he can relate to.

Despite the great he is ready to do along with his powers, Clark continually feels lonely and desires he was a human, so he might be like everybody else. He learns to understand his presents extra as he finds others like him, beginning with meta-humans like Bart Allen in Season 4, and aliens like Martian Manhunter and Supergirl within the later seasons. The showrunners did a terrific job of sprinkling in different heroes for thrilling team-up episodes that made for a number of the greatest Smallville episodes of their seasons, whereas nonetheless protecting the principle concentrate on Clark.

To Be Able To Share The Burden Of His Secret

Jimmy Olsen talks to Clark and Chloe in Smallville.

While Clark did aspire to search out others with presents as he had, it was maybe extra vital for him to have somebody to share the key with. Clark usually needed to share the key along with his shut associates, though his mother and father have been adamantly towards this.

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Clark made the choice to share with Pete in Season 2, with different associates following all through the sequence. The area between how lengthy it took for him to disclose his secret allowed for his secret to stay an vital plot system all through a lot of the present. At occasions, it was irritating that he wasn’t keen to share it along with his shut associates with a view to stretch drama and battle out on the present.

Whitney Fordman in Smallville Season 1

Part of what made Clark Kent so relatable was that he had very human targets, in addition to his alien origins. In Season 1, Clark is a lovably dorky teenager who desires to affix the soccer staff to stay out the everyday highschool paradigm. Of course, the battle is along with his powers. He cannot play as a result of his father is anxious about somebody getting damage.

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It is not till Season 4 that Clark lastly decides to go forward and be part of the staff in his ultimate yr, and turns into a famous person participant with using his powers. This is one storyline that was immensely gratifying and earned, because it tied into Clark’s relationship along with his father. Jonathan realized to belief Clark along with his talents, and Clark developed independence. This match Season 4 completely and was definitely worth the wait to see Clark fulfill this short-term aim.

Protecting Smallville From The Meteor Freaks

Smallville Season 1 Episode 17 - The Reaper

Clark had his first probability to show his heroism in Season 1, as he confronted off towards the weekly Meteor Rock-infected villains. There was a direct success to this dream in virtually each episode, which continued for a number of seasons.

The story was re-structured to stray away from the villain of the week type after the primary season, a lot to the satisfaction of followers who have been extra within the longer story arcs. The longer type of storytelling allowed for season 2 to be the very best rated season of Smallville. Clark additionally obtained the last word payoff within the season 10 Episode “Homecoming,” when one in all his earliest meteor freak adversaries sees Clark and thanks him for setting him on a path to restoration.

Having A Relationship With His Biological Parents

Jor-El at the Fortress of Solitude in Smallville

When Clark finds out the character of his biology, he seeks to know the place, and extra importantly, who, he got here from. Clark finds out in regards to the destruction of Krypton in season 2 however is ready to have interactions with Jor-El all through the sequence by way of an AI.

Clark’s relationship with Jor-El is irritating, as his Kryptonian father usually lacks a lot of the compassion followers might have been used to for the character. Jor-El as an alternative sends Clark to finish his “trials.” This change was seemingly made to boost the concept of Clark’s strengths coming from his human mother and father and is resolved in Season 10 when Clark completes his trials.

Finding Someone Who Loves Him For Who He Is

Lois Lane in Smallville

Throughout the primary six seasons, Clark struggles to discover a significant reference to Lana Lang because of him being unable to share his secret together with her. At occasions, she even means that such a secret would scare her away, unknowing that she’s talking about Clark.

His dishonesty prevents them from having a bond they could have been capable of, and he corrects this error with Lois Lane, though she had already figured it out. One of the ultimate conflicts within the sequence is whether or not Clark can deal with the accountability of being Superman whereas loving Lois Lane. Ultimately, he realizes he can, which resolves their storyline splendidly. Fans discovered a lot of the drama with Lana to be repetitive and grew bored with it rapidly, however his story with Lois develops on the proper pace. Lois Lane has numerous nice quotes, and the efficiency by Erica Durance was beloved by followers.

Learning To Fly

Smallville Ending Superman Tom Welling

Clark actually desires about with the ability to fly in Season 1, and the present hints at this capability a number of occasions. Clark is able to this means because the first season however doesn’t know the right way to consciously activate it till the present’s finale.

The “no flights, no tights” rule is usually generally known as an settlement made by Tom Welling and the showrunners early on, suggesting that this was a present about Clark Kent, not Superman. This rule was irritating for followers who needed to see Superman in his full capability a lot sooner however solely managed to see glimpses of Clark flying or within the go well with within the finale. Smallville is really an origin story, and in ten years Clark doesn’t turn into Superman till the ultimate climax.

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