Snake Hiss Sound: How does the snake make hissing sound?


Washington: Have you ever heard the hissing sound of a snake? The snake makes a hissing sound. Now stop the video once and try to make a sound like a snake. You will notice that this sound is coming from the air coming out from between the front teeth. During this, your tongue is also touching the teeth. If you try to hiss with your mouth open, only air will come out of your mouth. But do you know that snakes do not have front teeth, yet they can make a dangerous hissing sound. Let’s know how.

Scientists have answered the question related to snake’s hiss. He has told that the snake emits hissing sound from the glottis which is connected to its respiratory system. Humans also have glottis, which is used for speaking. When snakes breathe, this glottis opens. The glottis is connected to the windpipe of the snake which connects directly to the lungs. Snakes have two lungs like humans, but only one works. The second lung is vestigial. That is, it is disappearing with time.


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