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Some Tips To Help You Clean Your Office Kitchen

Whether you have a large or a small office, one of the messiest places will be your office kitchen. Even when you have a cleaner coming in every day to clean it, the dirt and grime will still build up in certain areas, and you will need to clean it thoroughly periodically. If you have a plan for cleaning your office kitchen, you can do it much quicker, and you will be left with a spotless kitchen by the time you finish. Below are some tips to help you start planning your office kitchen cleaning and ensure your employees have somewhere to prepare and eat their food that is spotless.

Get Everything You Need

Before you start cleaning, you will need to ensure that you have everything needed to give your office kitchen a thorough cleaning. You will want to make a list of the cleaning products you will need, such as surface cleaner from APT, disinfectant, cloths, mops, vacuum cleaner, and other items, and ensure you have everything you will require. Once you have everything needed, you can decide when you will clean the kitchen, and it is best to do it at the end of the workday, or at a weekend, so you are not cleaning around people using the facilities.

Clean The Fridge & Microwave

The most common items in a standard office kitchen are a fridge and a microwave, and this is an excellent place to start your cleaning. Clean the interior and exterior of your microwave and ensure there is no food residue in it, and ensure you wipe it down with antibacterial cleaner, so it is 100% clean. You can then empty your fridge and start cleaning the inside of it before putting everything back into it neatly.

Empty Your Cupboards & Drawers

You will also want to empty everything from the cupboards and drawers in your kitchen and clean these out. You can also clean the inside of the cabinets and drawers to ensure that everything is clean before you put them back inside. Ensure that you organise everything when putting things back and that you put them back in the same location so your employees know where everything is. Once everything is put back inside the cupboards and drawers, you can start cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

Start At The Top

You can now start cleaning from the top of your kitchen and ensure that you remove any dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and walls and work your way down. Use a duster or a damp cloth to do this, and when you get to places such as countertops, ensure you use a suitable cleaning product to make everything clean and sanitary.

Finishing With The Floor

The last part of the kitchen you want to clean is the floor, starting at the furthest corner and working your way to the kitchen entrance. Once the floor is clean, let it dry and avoid letting anyone go into it, and once it is dry, you will have a spotless kitchen for your employees, but let’s see how long it stays like this!

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