‘Star Wars’ fan desires to know why no person is speaking a few destiny worse than dying suffered by a ‘Solo’ character

One of probably the most contentious philosophical questions in Star Wars is whether or not droids are sentient beings or not. It feels tough to argue that, for instance, C-3PO isn’t an individual with ideas and emotions, however what about Gonk droids or bog-standard B1-series battle droids as seen within the prequels?

Follow this prepare of thought too far, and you find yourself in sticky ethical territory, because it means the heroic Luke Skywalker is launched collaborating in what’s primarily a slave public sale when Uncle Owen buys droids from the Jawas.

Someone at Lucasfilm was clearly listening to the talk when writing Solo: A Star Wars Story, as Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s L3 was a droids rights activist, occurring to engineer a slave insurrection on Kessel. Sadly, L3 is fatally broken within the course of. Lando subsequently salvages what he can by integrating L3’s ‘Memory Module’ with the Millennium Falcon’s onboard laptop.

A fan on r/StarWars has dubbed this “a hellish nightmare” for L3 because it makes her “a silent slave for literally eternity” — the embodiment of all the things she spent her life combating in opposition to.

Fans level out a brief story within the assortment From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back signifies that L3 isn’t essentially silent as she’s capable of converse with the opposite programs on board the Falcon and any droids that interface with the ship. It’s famous that C-3PO turns into aggravated that R2-D2 will get alongside so nicely with the Falcon’s computer systems, to the purpose that they’re swapping soiled jokes with each other.

Despite this, it’s disappointing that L3’s droid activism is handled extra like a punchline or quirky character trait than one thing Solo truly desires to discover. Another fan says that droids in Star Wars should be three contradictory issues directly: sentient individuals, private property, and comedian aid. That’s a tough sq. to circle, so possibly it’s for the perfect that Star Wars doesn’t spend an excessive amount of time interested by it.

Even so, we are able to’t deny that L3’s destiny actually does sound like a residing nightmare.

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