Start 2023 with Balance, a macOS app that wants to improve your work-life equilibrium


Developer Alexander Sandberg recently released Balance, which is a time-tracking macOS app focused on work-life equilibrium. With more people working from home, Sandberg believes it can be difficult to separate work and home life. He explains:

I have been working from home and struggling with work-life balance for over 2 years. My colleagues work in different time zones and come online when I’m about to end the day. Because of that, it’s easy to stay on for an extra hour or two, but it’s difficult to realize the impact of this.

Once I started paying attention, I was surprised at how long I spent on the computer every day, and how few breaks I took. I often even forgot to take lunch breaks. I realized that I needed a change, and as I couldn’t find a good app for improving my work-life balance, I decided to make my own!

With a work-life balance at its core, the app has a system that lets you clock in when you start working, close the app to take a break, and let you know when you should stop working. A mindful time tracking feature shows your active session on the top of your Mac’s display with an easy-to-use menu bar.

Balance macOS appImage source: Balance app

Balance lets you create focus or break sessions so that you can pause/focus for 5, 10, or however many minutes you need. Pro users can unlock session logs with trends to help evaluate their work-life balance over time.

As the app just launched, the developer says many features are coming in the near future, such as adding goals, time categorization, focus filters, app/website blocking, improved history, and a mobile app.

Apart from the trends, all other features are free to use. The monthly subscription costs $2.49, and the yearly one costs $24.99. The app requires macOS 12.3.


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